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I created this template to ensure that I would always comply with Conservapedia:Guidelines#Permitted in a consistent manner that could be globally updated across the site as need be. Once this template is accepted by the Conservapedia Admins, I would like to request that it please be locked to ensure no global rapid vandalism occurs since I will be using it on hundreds of articles related to topics within the Category:Preparedness Glossary, Category:Survivalism, Category:Tools, Category:Firearms, Category:Ammunition, Category:Home Security, Category:Made in USA, Category:Strategic Relocation, Category:American Redoubt, Category:Idaho, Category:Montana, Category:Wyoming, Category:Amateur Radio, Category:Permaculture, Category:Gardening among others.

All of Mr. Rawles authorized quotations I use to flesh out an article will of course follow the guidelines here Conservapedia:Guidelines#Permitted: "You are copying something that someone else wrote, with their explicit permission. This must also be noted on the article or talk page, and the original author should also note, for example on his user page on the original site, that he has provided such permission." TheAmericanRedoubt 09:46, 5 January 2015 (EST)

Authorization by NYT Best-Selling Conservative Christian Preparedness Author James Wesley Rawles to use "up to 3 Quotes of 800 Words Each" of his Writings per CP Article

Good news User:Conservative is that I was discussing on e-mail today with James Wesley Rawles to get his permission to use a larger than normal "fair use" amount of his authoritative source materials to build some good quality articles on a variety of Conservative-related topics. He is the most respected and popular New York Times best selling author/consultant in the field of Preparedness (from a Conservative Christian perspective with 7 books authored). 'He gave me the go ahead: "You are certainly welcome to use up to three quotes of 800 words each, in any of your wiki articles." That's 2400 words of great source material with me writing a wrapper around it and integrating other materials plus all the Wiki-link work and formatting following the CP Conservapedia:Manual of Style.' (See below for the actual e-mail authorization.)

Mr. Rawles site's The Survival Blog is amazingly detailed and has received almost '71 million unique visits since July 2005. That's more than 320,000 unique visits per week.' SurvivalBlog it is considered the Internet’s premier source of information on family preparedness and survival topics.

'He is a big fan of Conservapedia and links to it where possible, doing his best to avoid the "LiberalPropagandaPedia".' Here is more info: According to Google there are more than 142,000 results for "".

'These articles will definitely help draw a new audience to Conservapedia.' TheAmericanRedoubt 16:17, 30 December 2014 (EST)

Glad to hear your good news. In terms of creating an online encyclopedia resource related to survivalism and sub topics related to survivalism, I am guessing you will be able to surpass Wikipedia in terms of the quality/quantity of information that is provided. Conservative 16:28, 30 December 2014 (EST)
Most definitely. And as Jack Spirko of the Survival Podcast (with more than 500,000 daily listeners as of December 2014) has said on a recent podcast, his audience is almost entirely conservative. Same with that of James Wesley Rawles and most other preppers. TheAmericanRedoubt 17:00, 30 December 2014 (EST)

Total of 2400 Words worth of Quotes Authorized from James Wesley Rawles Works

In general (for non-Conservapedia editors), James Wesley Rawles , founder/owner of The Survival Blog has suggested 800 words seems to be a reasonable and commonplace except/quoting amount for Fair Use (See Important Fair Use Provisos)

However, for editors of Conservapedia, he has made a special authorization of 3x that quantity:

Forwarded message from "Senior Editor at"
From: "Senior Editor at" <>
To: Jefferson Franklin
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:46:09 -0700

Thank you VERY much for your tireless efforts. As a token of my esteem, and so that you will have current reference copies, I'll be happy to send you autographed copies of all of my books. Just send me your snail mail address.

You are certainly welcome to use up to three quotes of 800 words each, in any of your wiki articles.

OBTW, the is also a decent collection of quotes here: (Thankfully, It hasn't been gutted by liberal Wikipedia editors.)

Thanks Again, and Happy New Year!

~Jim Rawles~
Senior Editor,

Template:James Wesley Rawles authorized quotation

This template should be used for quotations from Mr. Rawles materials to ensure that Conservapedia is legally protected in terms of copyright fair use authorization.

Template:James Wesley Rawles glossary authorized quotation

Here is an example of "Rawles" quote: "As I’ve mentioned before, Wikipedia’s editors have strong leftist and statist biases. This is evidenced by the way that they selectively delete content and gradually push the Point of View (POV) of articles to match their world views. According a SurvivalBlog reader in Switzerland, the following section was deleted from Wikipedia by members of an anti-gun Wikipedia cabal on August 14, 2013. (It had been part of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns article). Never mentioned in the Wikipedia article was the fact that there are charges pending against at least seven other members of their “crime fighting” organization: Marcus Hook Mayor James ‘Jay’ Schiliro - the “furnishing alcohol to a minor” charge was just dropped on a technicality, but he still faces misdemeanor charges of official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint and false imprisonment, in a bizarre incident where he tried to force a young man to have homosexual relations, at gunpoint.)"[1], [2]

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