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I suggest adding a link to Ted Cruz in the news piece of Cruz endorsing Trump. I am unable to because it is protected. --1990'sguy (talk) 10:43, 27 September 2016 (EDT)

Trump's audio problems were real

See: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/30/donald-trumps-audio-setup-did-have-technical-diffi/

Would someone add this to the newsfeed? --1990'sguy (talk) 13:04, 1 October 2016 (EDT)

Trump and Infowars Accused of Espionage, Of Course With No Proof

Trump & InfoWars Accused of 'Espionage' --SWAJCAHL&S (talk) 10:57, 25 March 2017 (EDT)

Bible translation finished

A few days ago this came out: http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-missionary-groups-complete-28-year-project-to-create-kurdish-language-bible-181158/

--a 28-year old translation project of the Bible in another language, Kurdish-Sorani was just finished. Now, another 6,000,000 people in the world can read the entire New and Old Testaments in their own language.

Hunter Biden

We have a Hunter Biden article. RobSDeep Six the Deep State! 16:21, 3 July 2019 (EDT)

Elton John unwell

Elton John's illness needs to be added to the 'In the News' section. His illness is yet another example of the disadvantages and negative side effects of homosexuality. This should be yet another setback to the homosexual agenda. Here is a link to an article about this. (I previously published this on the Main Page talk, but it was removed, probably because this talk page is the correct place to put this.) --Toby Chester (Talk) 01:45, 28 October 2019 (UTC)

Re: Liberal Ninth Circuit suspends Bill of Rights

Regarding the addition of that news item in the Main Page right column, it should have been worded as "Liberal Ninth Circuit illegally suspends Bill of Rights", as the actions of the liberal judges in that decision are purely politically motivated (while also attempting to read things into the Constitution that are not there and have never been) and, as with any other liberal activist judge, they're attempting to use powers they do not have (i.e. legislating from the bench) and have no right to use in the first place. Given the history of bad decisions by the 9th Circuit (and its corresponding reputation of being the most-overturned circuit in the judicial branch), their illegal decision will not stand and you can bet that President Trump will weigh in on this (with especially strong rebukes for Nguyen and Silverman, the black-robed shysters who wrote the majority opinion). Northwest (talk) 02:25, 28 May 2020 (EDT)

Too much

There is too much news; can someone remove some of the news? Thanks! - User:United States

Older articles in the Main Page Right section are archived from time to time as needed. Northwest (talk) 18:24, 1 December 2020 (EST)

Mike Pence links to Pence

The "Pence to decide" section has a link that's supposed to mean Mike Pence but links to Pence, as in, the plural of penny. --Presidentofyes12 (talk) 14:33, 27 December 2020 (EST)

Thanks. Nice catch. RobSFree Kyle! 14:38, 27 December 2020 (EST)

Peter Langen?

The article [1] says that his name is Chris Langan. Presidentofyes12MJ WAS PRO-LIFE 09:22, 30 December 2020 (EST)

Proper nouns

  • "Trump describes Never-Trumper, Pelosi-supporter Liz Cheney (R-WY)

Too many proper nouns. A headline reader cannot determine what the subject is. You may know what it is, but the reader doesn't have the time. Even in article writing, sometimes the number of proper nouns in one sentence needs to be pared down for the readers sake, so they can determine what the subject is.

Assume the reader knows, or they can click to find out. RobSFree Kyle! 12:18, 28 April 2021 (EDT)


I think you should add that Politico is also completely ignoring any of the Left's responsibility in boosting Trump's popularity. They're crying about how Jan 6 didn't derail the Trump train like they thought it would (of course, they completely ignore this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJLznKNC3NE). Hmmmm...maybe it's because...JOE BIDEN IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY INTO THE GROUND! Their lack of self-awareness is astounding. The reality is, the core of the "Trumpian" Republicans is exactly what it was 30 years ago, the Left has simply pulled the center so far left that it makes us look extreme. Shobson20 (talk) 16:42, January 3, 2022 (EST)

Color scheme

Now that I figured out how to change colors on the headers (still haven't figured out how to change the background color on MPR) anybody with interesting suggestions for an attractive color scheme, let me know. Here's the wiki color code list. Thanks. RobSZ 23:09, June 6, 2022 (EDT)

The color scheme isn't final yet. It's still experimental. RobSZ 17:47, June 7, 2022 (EDT)

I think this is newsworthy for the main page

https://www.liveaction.org/news/mobile-abortion-vans-churches/ There's no low that pro-death demmywhacks won't sink to. Shobson20 (talk) 23:35, November 17, 2022 (EST)

Before MPR, can you find an article mainspace to add it to? RobSGive Peace a chance 07:16, November 18, 2022 (EST)