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Professor Teresa Collett was the Republican nominee for Minnesota's 4th Congressional District held by left-wing Democrat Betty McCollum. Collett is a lawyer, a law professor at the University of St. Thomas, an author, a nationally sought-after scholar and speaker on the topics of marriage, religion, bioethics and an advocate for pro-life causes. Collett is an elected member of the American Law Institute. She represented Congressman Ron Paul and various medical groups in the defense of the federal ban of partial-birth abortion.[1] Collett has the support of local Tea Party groups.

She ran on a platform of limited government, fiscal responsibility and job creation.

Her opponent, Betty McCollum, won the 2010 Midterm election and kept the seat a Democrat district since 1946. McCollum is a bitter partisan who attacked her fellow Americans, publicly calling them extremists for their opposition to Obamacare. She disgracefully equated the Oklahoma City Bombing to dangerous anti-government criticism by conservatives, on the House floor.[2] In addition, McCollum voted against de-funding ACORN.


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