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Texit is the common name for any political movement within the United States State of Texas to regain the independence Texas initially enjoyed following the Battle of San Jacinto and the establishment of the Republic of Texas in 1836.

Today a [Texas Nationalist Movement https://tnm.me/] now exists. Mr. Daniel O. Miller founded it in 1995 during the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton (*1992-2001). This group has advocated for Texas independence ever since, through three subsequent Presidencies.

Recently (25 January 2021), State Representative Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg, Comal County, Texas) introduced a bill – the Texas Independence Referendum Act – to call a public question on the matter of Texas independence on 2 November 2021. If the vote is in favor, then the bill provides that a committee, with members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the Texas State House, consider the "most efficient method" of achieving Texas independence.