The Bible and Its Influence

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The Bible and Its Influence (2005) is a book with contents that were designed from the ground up to be fairly lawsuit-robust if purchased by and used in public schools to teach courses on the Bible. It received inputs from Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, and Islamic think tanks. It has been mentioned in Time magazine.[1] In the Time magazine article Charles Colson is quoted as saying: "Would I prefer a more explicitly biblical Christian teaching?" he asks. "Of course. But you can't do that in public education. What you can do is introduce the Bible so that people are aware of its impact on people and in history and then let God speak through it as he will."

The book is designed for use in secular Bible literacy courses, which focus on the Bible. Such a course is over against secular comparative religion courses, which study a wide range of religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism in a single course.