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The Counter Jihad Report is a news aggregating Web site that also includes an extensive library of resources for studying Islam, in addition to becoming a hub for Counter Jihad activists.[1] The Counter Jihad Report was founded by Leslie Burt on February 29, 2012.[2]

Quotes From Facebook Page Info

Islam is at war with Western Civilization. Educate yourself, share what you learn and get involved.[2]
Al Qaeda and other violent jihadi groups fight to (1) implement Islamic Law and (2) re-establish the global Islamic state (Caliphate). There is also a subversive Information War driven by front groups posing as peaceful Muslim organizations, led by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB was created in Egypt in 1928 to (1) implement Islamic Law worldwide and (2) re-establish the Caliphate. Al Qaeda and the MB have the same objectives – the difference in achieving them is timing and tactics.[2]

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Creed

God is our objective; the Koran is our law; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.[2]


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