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The Gore Effect is the strange phenomenon when Climate Change activists hold public discussions on Global Warming, the conditions are anything but warm. Most often, it is record breaking cold and snow during these events. Gore in The Gore Effect refers to Al Gore and his green movement to scare everyone about rising temperatures.

The Gore Effect noticeably started with a connection to Al Gore events but then it became recognized anytime newsworthy Global Warming activists are involved.

Al Gore Examples

  • January 2004, Al Gore held a Global Warming rally in New York City during one of the coldest days in the city’s history.
  • October 2008, Al Gore spoke on Global Warming at Harvard University coincided with low temperatures that challenged 125-year records.

Examples without attendance of Al Gore

  • March 2009, Nancy Pelosi had to cancel an appearance at a global warming rally due to heavy snowfall.
  • December 2013, a dozen Climate Alarmist researchers departed by ship for Antarctica to prove the devastation of Global Warming. The expedition ended in failure as their ship got trapped in ice and they needed to be rescued.
  • July 2015, a Canadian vessel doing Global Warming experiments needed rescue from heavy ice. [1]
  • April 2017, a monster Colorado snow storm postpones global warming rally. [1]
  • June 2017, Canadian Global Warming study cancelled because of ‘Unprecedented’ Ice on their voyage to the Hudson Bay. [2]

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