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An example of O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo

The O'Reilly Factor (also often known as The Factor or The No-Spin Zone) was a Fox News television show hosted by political commentator Bill O'Reilly. This show was the highest-rated show in cable news. The show featured O'Reilly (or a guest host, usually Greg Gutfeld, Eric Bolling, Jesse Watters, Laura Ingraham, Mike Huckabee, or Juan Williams) and guests discussing major issues of that day.

The median age of viewers of the O'Reilly Factor was 72 years old, with half his audience even older than that.

Despite claims that O'Reilly was a conservative, a 2011 study showed that compared to the American population as a whole (which actually was relatively conservative), O'Reilly's views were actually in the political center of the population.[1] Interestingly, this was likely the reason this show was so popular.[1]

On April 19, 2017, Fox News broke ties with O'Reilly due to an alleged sex abuse scandal revolving around him.[2] The show was renamed The Factor until April 21, 2017, after the final episode starring guest host Gutfeld aired. The show was replaced by Tucker Carlson Tonight, which was in the 9PM EST slot and was moved to the 8PM EST slot formerly held by O'Reilly. The Five, with newly minted co-host Jesse Watters, replaced Carlson in the 9PM slot, and former Five co-host Bolling was given a solo show in the 5PM EST slot.


The show had many segments; some of them were eventually discontinued in favor of other segments.

  • Talking Points Memo—A daily segment where O'Reilly discussed a key issue in current events with his words appearing as a side note on the screen.
  • Top Story—Usually, O'Reilly had guests discuss the issue brought up in the previous Talking Points Memo section
  • Personal Story—O'Reilly invited someone who wrote a bestselling book, or had made the news in some way, or who had interviewed a newsmaker
  • Miller Time—A Wednesday segment where O'Reilly invited regular guest comedian Dennis Miller on the show. The discussion was generally a lighthearted one on several issues, accompanied with visual gags and movie clips.
  • Barack and a Hard Place—Monica Crowley and the late Alan Colmes discussed issues related to Barack Obama with O'Reilly
  • Watter's World— Jesse Watters went out every other Monday and interviewed younger people on a current issue
  • Pinheads and Patriots—Daily segment at the end of the program where people in the news were called out fot doing something good (patriot) or bad (pinhead).
  • Tip of the Day—It replaced Pinheads and Patriots, and in it O'Reilly gave a helpful tip to the audience
  • Factor Viewer Mail—O'Reilly read bits of emails at the end of the program, often ones that have contrasting viewpoints on the last show
  • Word of the Day—At the last minute of the program, O'Reilly picked an obscure word to challenge the viewer to know or look up

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