The Prince and Me

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The Prince and Me (2004) was a romantic comedy starring Julia Stiles, with able supporting performances from Luke Mably (the prince) and Eliza Bennett (his little sister).

The film is about two young people trying to find themselves. Luke Mably, as the prince of Denmark, is frustrated because he has never achieved anything despite the advantages of being the son of modern royalty. He can command a Grand Prix race driver to a match, but it's not a privilege he's earned, and the driver obligingly steps off the gas pedal at the end to let him win. Even his manservant feels disdain for the prince's arrogance. Julia Stiles is much more attractive as the pre-med student who learns a bit about Shakespeare and lowve from Edward, but realizes a marriage to him is not actually in her best interest. (This decision is revisited in an ill-fated sequel with a different actress. Luke Mably went on to portray a womanizing doctor in ABC's one-season Combat Hospital.)

Another theme winding through the film is the role of the paparazzi, tabloid photographers eager to splash pictures of the prince's indiscretions on the front page of the newspapers of the fledgling democracy. While Denmark in the film still has a King and Queen, it does not interfere with the freedom of the press.

Eddie has no friends. His younger sister adores him, and he has somehow managed to hang on to a loyal manservant, but he is utterly unlike his counterpart in the film. Paige has a coterie of friends, is doing work in her field (her going away party appears genuinely motivated), and even the rathskeller boss needs her waitressing skills. Eddie, meanwhile, is merely rich and bored. He has no one outside the castle who wants his company but sycophantic flirts.