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The Wachowskis

Lilly Wachowski (born December 29, 1967 in Chicago) formerly known as Andy Wachowski and Laurence "Lana" Wachowski (born June 21, 1965 in Chicago, formerly known as Larry Wachowski), known together professionally as the Wachowskis and formerly as the Wachowski Brothers are American filmmakers. They are best known for The Matrix trilogy. They were also leftists, with Larry Wachowski (as he was known at the time) indicating in a fan interview that he was an adherent of Marxism largely because of his father.[1] They were also very big fans of leftist scholar Cornel West and his book Prophesy Deliverance, which they cited was one of the inspirations of the Matrix trilogy and even offered him a role as Councillor West for this reason in the second and third films.[2] They also were heavily invested in the works of Nietzsche, to the extent that they considered themselves within the dominion of truth, with his writings also forming a basis for the Matrix trilogy. They also implied that Arthur Schopenhauer and the Frankfurt School social theorist Theodor Adorno (in particular the book Reflections from a Damaged Life regarding the latter) had also played a role in their personal philosophies.[3][4][5]


Notes and references

    Larry: Yeah, and he's [Larry and Andy Wachowski's father] probably more of a marxist than I am [Ken laughs], in terms of these ideas affecting and informing history...
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