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"It looks like we're toast." - Cenk Uygur's prediction on the Democratic Party's prospects for the 2022 midterm elections.[1]

The Young Turks (also referred to derogatorily by critics as The Young Jerks[2]) is a far-left, progressive racist[3] web show that celebrates the name of a genocidal regime that murdered more than 2 million Armenian Christians motivated by both, ethnic Turkish anti-Armenian racism[4] and Islamic anti-Christian intolerance, as a jihad.[5][6] Turkish and Kurdish mobs attacking Armenian caravans with shouts and cries of "Allah" and "jihad".[7]

The show is co-hosted by Armenian Genocide longtime denier Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola (who also hosts a similar program on YouTube, The Damage Report with John Iadarola).

Karen Straughan

Co-host Cenk Uygur interviewed female anti-feminist Karen Straughan. During the interview, Uygur became visibly agitated, repeatedly cutting off Straughan which culminated in him eventually telling her to make him a sandwich. This is ironic considering Uygur has previously espoused feminist views.[8]

Armenian Genocide

In 2016, after years of bigotry-motivated denial of the Islamic genocide against Armenian Christians, Uygur admitted he wasn't qualified to prove it didn't happen.[9]

Donald Trump election

The series gained some notoriety during the 2016 presidential election where the commentators, especially Uygur, proceeded to go from smug about Hillary Clinton's "inevitable" win to visibly breaking down on the air over Trump's chances at winning increasing, effectively acting as a visual representation of the mainstream media's overall reaction to learning they sorely underestimated Trump's chances at winning.[10]

John McCain

Uygur and the Young Turks earned a reputation for notoriety throughout the 2008 presidential election by smearing Sen. John McCain as "racist".[11] The Young Turks have never attempted to clarify, rescind, or apologize for divisive and hateful rhetoric.

YouTube channel

On the Young Turks' YouTube channel, the comment sections of its videos are a virtual liberal echo chamber where the channel's liberal fanbase mindlessly agree with each other and the show hosts in hive-minded, and often immature and vulgar, fashion and, in that same fashion, are quick to attack anyone who voices opposing views; in doing so, however, some of that fanbase also display their lack of education in their attacks via poorly-written posts that imply a lack of literacy (e.g. lack of sentence structure and non-use of punctuation) as well as displaying the willful ignorance of facts and the truth that is endemic of the entire fanbase.


After the 2016 election, Ana Kasparian openly insulted women who voted for Trump, calling them dumb and asserted that she thought "so poorly of them".[12] The video was so unpopular that were over eight dislikes for every like. Kasperian denies being a birthing person and claims to be a woman.[13]

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