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Three Temptations of Christ

The Three Temptations of Christ consisted of the devil confronting Jesus at His weakest moment (after He had been fasting for 40 days) and trying to break His faith and adherence to God. Jesus passed these temptations as a man, whereupon He embarked upon His ministry and miraculous deeds.

The First Temptation was for Jesus to act in a self-serving manner by turning stones into bread.[1] Jesus refused. Self-centered behavior is the root of much evil today.

The Second Temptation was for Jesus to put God to the test by descending from the highest point of the temple.[2] Jesus declined. Often those who have turned away from God demand a special sign.

In the Third Temptation, the devil announces that he has dominion over this world but will delegate his power over this world to Jesus in return for Jesus's worship of the devil.[3] This revealed the underlying uncertainty and chaos in the world—the meaning of the word "devil"—nearly 2000 years before science discovered it. See Biblical scientific foreknowledge.

Jesus declined the Third Temptation, observing that one should worship God alone. Many evil deeds are motivated by a desire for power over the world, or obsession with by it.


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