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Tony Reed

Tony Reed is a popular YouTube evolutionist who masquerades as a creationist to lure unsuspecting christians astray. The formula for his, sometimes weekly show, "How Creationism Taught Me Real Science" is to begin by pretending to be a creationist, and then spend the remainder of the episode regurgitating evolutionist propaganda in a droll, robotic voice. Subjects addressed by Tony Reed include genetics, biology, uniformitarianism, transitional forms, physics, abiogenesis, scientific laws, defending evolutionist frauds, etc...

Tony Reed refuses to acknowledge whether or not he is an atheist and avoids the subjects of God, the bible, the resurrection, etc., although he claims to be a former minister. He adheres to the idea that "peer-review" is infallible, and tends to present references from obviously biased evolutionist journals while refusing to accept references to creationist journals as evidence. He has no formal education in any scientific field whatsoever.

Since mid-2018, Tony Reed has begun publicly debating prominent creationists like Kent Hovind and Nephilimfree, insisting that the topic for any debate be in reference to "real-world application" of both positions.

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