Top conservative websites of 2013

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Website Remarks
Fox News [1] The leading cable/satellite news network
WSJ Opinion Journal [2] The opinion page of the Wall Street Journal
Drudge Report [3] The influential website founded by Matt Drudge
The Blaze [4]
NewsMax [5]
Breitbart [6] Seven connected websites founded by Andrew Breitbart
Michael Savage [7] Website of the Number 2 conservative radio host
WND [8] Online news organization founded by Joseph Farah
Daily Caller [9]
Washington Times [10] Leading conservative newspaper in Washington D.C.
Weekly Standard [11] Online edition of the conservative magazine
Town Hall [12] Conservative news, politics, and opinion
National Review Online [13] Online edition of America's leading magazine for Republican/conservative news, commentary and opinion.
NewsBusters [14] Media Research Center's news website
Hot Air [15]
Free Republic [16] Online gathering place for grass-roots conservatism
Washington Examiner [17] Conservative newspaper for Washington, D.C.
Instapundit [18] Conservative blog associated with PJ Media
IJ Review [19] Independent Journal Review
Twitchy [20] Conservative blog
CNS News [21] Associated with the Media Research Center, CNS attempts to report news stories free from spin, myths, or bias.
Rush Limbaugh [22] Website of America's Number 1 conservative radio talk show
Mr. Conservative [23] Conservative blog
Glenn Beck [24] Popular radio and Fox News host
American Thinker [25] Website devoted largely to conservative opinion
LifeSiteNews [26] Originally founded by a Canadian pro-life organization, LSN now has a large North American audience; it is devoted to balance and more accurate news coverage on culture, life and family matters
The Gateway Pundit [27]
RedFlag News [28] Covers the latest political news and analysis
Life News [29] Site devoted to coverage of the pro-life community
Western Center for Journalism [30]
Front Page Magazine [31] Founded by former 1960's "New Left" member David Horowitz
Red State [32] Influential, center-right grassroots news site
Ace of Spades HQ [33] Conservative blog
PowerLine [34]
Heritage Foundation [35] Research and educational institution whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense (from their "about" page[36]) [37]
Human Events [38] America's first conservative weekly, est. 1944
The Right Scoop [39]
American Spectator [40]
Michelle Malkin [41] Blog by syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin
Weasel Zippers [42]
Canada Free Press []
Personal Liberty Digest []
Chicks on the Right []
White House Dossier []
Freedom Works []
Pat Dollard []
Dick Morris []
Restoring Liberty []
Legal Insurrection []
Althouse []
Atlas Shrugs []
Jihad Watch []
Mark Levin []
American Conservative []
Bill O’Reilly []
Washington’s Blog []
First Things []
World Magazine []
Right Wing News []
Sean Hannity []
Don Surber []
Commentary Magazine []
Conservapedia []
VDare []
Debbie Schlussel []
Volokh Conspiracy []
Day by Day []
American Renaissance []
Media Research Center []
Ann Coulter []
Army Times []
Linkiest []
I Own the World []
The Other McCain []
Hugh Hewitt []
Renew America []
Free Patriot []
Daniel Pipes []
Outside the Beltway [] []
Family Research Council []
The American []
Moonbattery []
WizBang []
PJ TV []
Patterico []
Steyn Online []
Lonely Conservative []
Jammie Wearing Fools []
Doug Ross@Journal []
Angry White Dude []
Neal Boortz []
James Lileks []
Conservatives for Palin []
Say Anything []
The People’s Cube []
Laura Ingraham []