Transgender activism

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Transgender activism is based on the premise (or claim) that a person who feels they have been "born into the wrong body" has a right to a sex change. Through cosmetics, grooming, clothing and an official name change, such a person can adopt the opposite sex's gender role.

Whether seeking a sex change is linked to sexual orientation is hotly disputed in the political arena of Western countries, where most sex changes have occurred. Some advocates have promoted the notion of a gender identity disorder to justify a sex change.

J. Michael Bailey, a psychology professor and sex researcher at Northwestern University, published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism which sharply disagrees with the pro-sex change view. Dr. Bailey argued that MTF sex changes are motivated primarily by erotic interests and not by the problem of having the gender identity common to one sex in the body of the other. [1]

Dr. Alice D. Dreger wrote:

  • In his work on transsexualism, Blanchard argued that there are actually two types of male-to-female transsexuals, with autogynephiles being one type and “homosexual transsexuals” being the other. ... he argued that male-to-female homosexual transsexuals who opt to undergo sex reassignment do so, in part, because being a woman makes more sense than trying to live as a very effeminate man attracted to heterosexual men. [2]

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