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Travis Kelce, Travis Michael Kelce, is an NFL Tight End currently playing for Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. His political affiliation is mostly unknown, hidden by his possible lack of interest, which is why he seems to be one of the more lovable athletes in the NFL.[1] [2] Known for being an all-around great individual [3]. He also owns a foundation, referred to as '87 and running', which is dedicated to providing disadvantaged youths in the Cincinnati, Ohio area[4]. One could even say, "Saying that Kelce is the best tight end in the NFL is like saying water is wet."[5]

His older brother, Jason Kelce, is the starting center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Alex Smith Years

2013 Draftee

Under the tenure of Alex Smith at Kansas City, we find that Travis was drafted on the sixty third (63rd) pick in round three. It wasn't until 2014 that Kelce got a target, reception or touchdown.

2014 Debute

2014 Statistics (Rookie) Games Started Targets 1st Downs Receptions Touchdowns
Travis Kelce (9th yrds) 11 87 46 67 5
NFL Top 25 TE Average 15.44 87.6 521 57.12 5.8

1(The average number of first downs for tight ends is inaccurate as is inconsistent, find better source.)[6][7]

As it stands, Travis succumbed to 'buyer's remorse' after spending a vast majority if his $3.1 million dollar one-year rookie contract on luxury items. [8]

Patrick Mahomes Dynasty

With Patrick Mahomes at the helm of the Battleship we know as the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce has been one of the most dominant Tight-Ends to date.

Career Thus Far

Records & Awards

  • Superbowl XIV (54)
  • 7th (consecutive) Pro-Bowl Selection
  • AFC Offencive Player of the Week (vrs. Denver 2021)
  • 9000+ Career Yards