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A troll, in Internet parlance, is an entity or character that purposely disrupts a conversation via discussion forum or email, a comment thread on a blog, or another sort of website. For example, on Wikis, users who purposely make disruptive edits are considered trolls. Many people consider this type of activity to be merely childish, while others consider it symptomatic of deviant minds of opposition whereby infiltration by deceit is normal practice. Trolls pretend to be of common thinking, at the same time plotting anti-social crimes. The troll can otherwise be known as a frenemy or as a hoax plant lurking for an opportunity to create trouble.

The term originated in the early 1990's, an abbreviation of the term "trolling for suckers" (trolling being an angling technique to seek fish). An Internet troll will lock their target, bait the line and spread the net to catch their goal (unwitting victim).

Relation to conservatives

Conservatives are often mistaken for Trolls and vice versa, since it is a troll's job to offend as many people as possible. Such traits as racism, xenophobia, being a grammar nazi, advocating a return to the trees and calling Charles Darwin a satanist.

Biologically, Trolls are a member of the Homo Granitus genus, whereas conservatives are members of the homo Gayus genus


A troll is a mythical creature, like a giant but mostly portrayed as a dwarf.

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