Truth in Abortion laws

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Truth in Abortion laws are those that seek to end the deceit of abortion[1] providers and require them to pay for their future harm to the patients and the negative externalities as polluters must do.

Truth in Abortion laws include:

  • making women aware of their right to see an ultrasound of the unborn child before the abortion[2]
  • ending hit-and-run abortions by requiring the abortionist to have local hospital privileges to handle complications[3]
  • providing full recovery for harm caused by abortion
  • requiring abortion clinics to be in compliance with the same safety standards of other surgical facilities

Truth in Abortion laws are in addition to the more traditional regulations of:

  • waiting periods
  • parental consent and/or notification

As of January 15, 2007, 14 states had no policy regarding parental consent or notification. Six other states require notification only of the teenager's parents, not consent. In states where consent is required, it can often be bypassed by court approval.[4]


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  3. See 30-mile rule.