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Tyler Zed

Tyler Zed is an American internet personality, conservative political commentator, Air Force veteran, and podcast host. He is a rising star in conservative media, and his YouTube channel, Zeducation, currently sits at over 900,000 subscribers.

Military Service

Zed served in the Air Force from 2011-2015 as a medical technician. He has referred to Barack Obama's unfulfilled campaign promise of pulling troops out of Afghanistan as his "red-pill moment".[1]

YouTube Videos

Zed owns three YouTube channels, Zeducation[2] Zedcast[3], and Zedumentaries[4].

On his main channel, Zeducation, he posts videos covering a variety of subjects. His more serious videos entail highlighting and criticizing Liberal hypocrisy in government, media, and entertainment, as well as satirizing and ridiculing the Establishment, Big Pharma, and Big Tech, while in his more lighthearted videos, he features and discusses humorous memes and videos sent in by his viewers and assembled by his brother and editor, Deev. Zeducation videos generally follow a series format, with each video going under a category. The most frequent series are "That Didn't Age Well", where Zed counts down moments of hypocrisy from the MSM, politicians, etc., "Meme Review" and "You Get Offended You Lose", where he satirically impersonates a social media fact-checker reviewing memes, as well as "Try Not To Laugh" and "You Laugh You Lose", where he watches viewers' memes and gives commentary on them.

On his second channel, Zedcast, he posts episodes and clips from his podcast of the same name, which he hosts with his brother and their friends. On the podcast, they discuss politics, news, entertainment, and conspiracy theories.

Zed started his third channel, Zedumentaries, in September 2021. As written in the channel's 'about' page, it is dedicated to "Documenting anomalies, absurdities and amazing stories in our world"[5]. The first 'Zedumentary' was published on September 26th, 2021, and was titled "The Cultish Pseudoscience of Breatharianism". In the video, Zed breaks down the scam of "Breatharianism", a foolish idea suggesting that humans can somehow live without food and water, surviving only on air and sunlight. He likens its proponents to the snake oil fraudsters of the 19th century.

Political Views

Zed is a conservative, anti-establishment populist, as well as a believer in individual liberty and personal freedom. He supported Donald Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.[6] He criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for failing to act in the interest of the people, advocates for term limits in Congress, and criticizes the Two-Party System in U.S. Politics. He is pro-gun, pro-life, and ridicules liberals who promote COVID-19 hysteria. Zed is also an advocate for veterans, being one himself, and often calls out the military-industrial complex for its lies and corruption.[7] While he has expressed socially conservative views on topics such as the culture war, the LGBT Agenda and Hollywood Values, he does not appear to be a strong Christian, and keeps his religious beliefs to himself. He also supports the legalization of marijuana.

Censorship from YouTube

Zed, along many other right-wing YouTubers, has routinely faced targeted censorship and harassment from YouTube and other Big Tech platforms. He often has to remind viewers to check whether they're still subscribed, as many have said that YouTube removed their subscriptions without their knowledge or consent. His content has also been flagged, fact-checked, and blocked on several different occasions.

Personal Life

Zed has lived in Minnesota his whole life. He married his wife, whose name is kept private, in May 2021[8]. In 2022, they welcomed their first child.


In 2018, he published a collaborative book with Dan Wheeler, titled 101 Facts That’ll Convince Your Liberal Friends to Walk Away[9].