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Uncyclopedia is a parody encyclopedia created in January 2005. It now has over 23,000 articles. Popular topics parodied include Global warming, Evolution and Creation, the Bush regime, Conservapedia, and popular culture. A recurring joke on the site is making up Oscar Wilde quotes as well as quotes by Chuck Norris, Captain Obvious, Kanye West, and Russian Reversals.

Uncyclopedia, despite being a parody of Wikipedia, supports much of the same material that Wikipedia does. They take an obviously liberal stance, and much of their humor is directed at Christian and Conservative values. In particular, their article on Conservapedia is composed mostly of hate speech, labelling Conservatives as "retards". In addition, they attack creationism via a "pro-creationist" article, which mocks creationism by phrases like "evolution will get you sent straight to hell" and "Darwin was a **** Satanist". At any rate, it is clear that Uncyclopedia hates Christians and creationism, and aims to destroy Conservativism.