United Russia

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United Russia
Party leader Dmitry Medvedev
Parliamentary leader Sergey Neverov
Founded 2001
Political ideology Authoritarianism
Political position Big tent
International affiliation
Color(s) white, blue and red
Website er.ru

United Russia is the largest political party in Russia. It was formed in 2001 as a union of Fatherland - All Russia and Unity Party of Russia.[1][2] Its current leader is Dmitry Medvedev.[3] The headquarters of the United Russia is situated in Moscow. The party is ideologically centrist.[4]


The strategic goal of the party is "to raise people’s living standards to European standards."[1] According to the statement adopted at the founding congress on December 1, 2001, the priorities of the party are administrative reform, transparent state policy, development of local self-administration, improvement of the nation's defense, judicial reform, etc.[1]

The creation of this party largely isolated the communists and liberals at the extremes.[2] In the 2003 Russian legislative election, the party won nearly half of the seats in the Duma.[2] In the Russian Presidential Election in 2004, the party supported Vladimir Putin; in the Russian Presidential Election in 2008, the party supported Dmitry Medvedev, because of term limits on Putin's presidency. In the Russian Presidential Election 2012 and 2018 it again supported Putin, who was reelected.


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