United States presidential election, 1904

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In 1904 popular rough rider and President Theodore Roosevelt sought greatly to be officially elected to the Presidency. He once said in a speech, "President of the United States! I'd rather be e-lect-ed to that office than have anything tangible of which I know." He was easily nominated by the Republican party and Charles Fairbanks was chosen as his running mate. The Democrats nominated Alton B. Parker as their candidate. Roosevelt launched into his campaign vigorously and energetically. Parker was considered dull and without chance.[1] The final vote was:

candidates popular vote electoral vote
Theodore Roosevelt 7,628,461 336
Alton B. Parker 5,084,223 140
Eugene V. Debs 402,283 0
Silas C. Swallow 258,536 0
Thomas E. Watson 117,183 0
Charles H. Corregan 31,249 0



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