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|[[File:Seth-Moulton-Thinks-Trump-Selected-James-Mattis-For-Defense-Secretary-Because-Of-Mad-Dog-Nickname-Image.jpg|x160px]]<br>'''[[Seth Moulton]]'''
|[[File:Seth-Moulton-Thinks-Trump-Selected-James-Mattis-For-Defense-Secretary-Because-Of-Mad-Dog-Nickname-Image.jpg|x160px]]<br>'''[[Seth Moulton]]'''
|Moulton, along with [[Ocasio-Cortez]], led the movement to Dump Pelosi as Speaker in 2019. Moulton is a sponsor of the [[radical]] [[socialist]] Green New Deal. According to his bio, Moulton almost single-handedly was among the first to topple [[Saddam Hussein]] from power. Moulton was a top aide to Gen. [[David Petraeus]], who was framed by the Obama administration and forced to resign as CIA director for refusing to go along with the [[Benghazi massacre]] cover story,<ref>See [[Arab_Spring#Petraeus_blackmailed]].</ref> and replaced by [[John Brennan]] who weaponized and politicized the CIA to work for Hillary Clinton's election.<ref>Multiple references:<br>*https://www.wsj.com/articles/john-brennans-politicized-intelligence-1428537539<br>*https://nypost.com/2017/05/26/how-team-obama-tried-to-hack-the-election/<br>*<https://www.realclearpolitics.com/2018/08/16/brennan_politicized_and_weaponized_false_intel_vs_trump_450650.html<br>*https://freebeacon.com/national-security/u-s-intelligence-institutionally-politicized-toward-democrats/</ref> Moulton has been accused of sexism and ageism and thinks women and the elderly are disposable.
|Moulton, along with [[Ocasio-Cortez]], led the movement to Dump Pelosi as Speaker in 2019. Moulton is a sponsor of the [[radical]] [[socialist]] Green New Deal. According to his bio, Moulton almost single-handedly was among the first to topple [[Saddam Hussein]] from power. Moulton was a top aide to Gen. [[David Petraeus]], who was framed by the Obama administration and forced to resign as CIA director for refusing to go along with the [[Benghazi massacre]] cover story,<ref>See [[Arab_Spring#Petraeus_blackmailed]].</ref> and replaced by [[John Brennan]] who weaponized and politicized the CIA to work for Hillary Clinton's election.<ref>Multiple references:<br>*https://www.wsj.com/articles/john-brennans-politicized-intelligence-1428537539<br>*https://nypost.com/2017/05/26/how-team-obama-tried-to-hack-the-election/<br>*https://www.realclearpolitics.com/2018/08/16/brennan_politicized_and_weaponized_false_intel_vs_trump_450650.html<br>*https://freebeacon.com/national-security/u-s-intelligence-institutionally-politicized-toward-democrats/</ref> Moulton has been accused of sexism and ageism and thinks women and the elderly are disposable.
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None have a serious chance of carrying a single state. Most are simply unethical fundraising schemes aimed at a gullible puiblic.
None have a serious chance of carrying a single state. Most are simply unethical fundraising schemes aimed at a gullible puiblic.
*[[John Kasich]] - vetoed the [[Heartbeat Bill]] after pretending to be [[pro-life]], and voted a [[self-defense]] bill for which his veto was overridden by the [[Ohio]] legislature.
*[[John Kasich]] - vetoed the [[Heartbeat Bill]] after pretending to be [[pro-life]], and voted a [[self-defense]] bill for which his veto was overridden by the [[Ohio]] legislature.
*[[Bill Weld]] - Red headed step child of Mitt Romney; supported [[abortion]] and the [[homosexual agenda]] as Massachussetts governor, endorsed Obama in 2008 and endorsed Clinton in 2016 even as he ran for Vice President as a Libertarian in 2016, member of the globalist [[Council on Foreign Relations]].<ref>McManus, John F. (April 17, 2019). [https://www.thenewamerican.com/reviews/opinion/item/32039-weld-challenges-trump-reelection Weld Challenges Trump Reelection]. ''The New American''. Retrieved April 17, 2019.</ref> On [[Barry Seal]]'s Boss Hogg list.<ref>https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_cia05.htm#THE_BOSS_HOG_LIST_</ref>
*[[Bill Weld]] - Red headed step child of Mitt Romney; supported [[abortion]] and the [[homosexual agenda]] as Massachusetts governor, endorsed Obama in 2008 and endorsed Clinton in 2016 even as he ran for Vice President as a Libertarian in 2016, member of the globalist [[Council on Foreign Relations]].<ref>McManus, John F. (April 17, 2019). [https://www.thenewamerican.com/reviews/opinion/item/32039-weld-challenges-trump-reelection Weld Challenges Trump Reelection]. ''The New American''. Retrieved April 17, 2019.</ref> On [[Barry Seal]]'s Boss Hogg list.<ref>https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_cia05.htm#THE_BOSS_HOG_LIST_</ref>
==See also==
==See also==

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Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden kicked off his campaign to unseat President Trump with an easily debunked lie.

In the 2020 United States presidential election Donald Trump is standing for re-election. Presumably, he will be the Republican candidate along with Mike Pence being his vice presidential candidate. Democrats have fielded an array of Cultural Marxists who have advocated for "some of the most radical socialist ideas in U.S. history,"[1] none of which have ever offered anywhere a condemnation of the murderous record of Socialist ideology. The Democrat candidates hid their positions on numerous issues, knowing that discussing those positions might be damaging.[2]

The failed coup attempt against American democracy by authoritarian liberals in the U.S Justice Department and Democratic party promises to be a major issue.

Democrat primary

After the DNC rigged the primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton and snubbed Democrat voters and Sanders supporters,[3][4] several changes that work to favor socialist and communist front groups were implemented.[5] Most candidates still speak of "transformational" or "transformative" change and "transgenderism" as national priorities. Pandering and demonization are common themes in the party's hopes, dreams and vision of the future.

The Democratic message has remained remarkably consistent throughout President Trump's first term.

To run for president in the November 2020 general election will cost in excess of an estimated $1 billion in the next year and half, or roughly an average of about $2 million per day over the next 500 days. The bulk of that money is raised and spent in the remaining months as November 2020 approaches. However, a candidate's ability to fundraise now, before primary voting begins in February 2020, is the ultimate test of viability. A successful fundraising track record attracts more and bigger donors. The candidate's attitude, ideas, issues, smiley face and hairstyle are all geared toward impressing money donors. With no billionaires on the Democratic side spending their own money, all these candidates are carrying water for their money masters' special interests.[6] By contrast, the likely Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is beholden to no one but the American people.

The Democrat/Obama administration conspiracy to paint Trump as a Putin stooge like all other politicians captive to behind the scenes players, was a colossal failure. Trump's trade policies are a threat to big money corporate global interests who sold out American workers for cheaper labor markets in China and elsewhere. Big money special interests have pulled out the stops in their efforts to defeat Trump, and to continue exploiting the American consumer, and the exfiltration of American wealth and capital to cheaper labor markets. Identity politics, transgenderism, gay rights and the opioid epidemic have proven to be effective diversions among the Democrat base from focusing on the main issue of the harmful effects of globalization and multinational corporate greed.

A YouGov poll exposed the rampant racism and bigotry within the Democrat party: 30% of Democrats believe a white candidate is more electable than 8% who think not; 34% of Democrats believe a male candidate is more electable than 5% who think not; only 12% of Democrats prefer a nonwhite candidate while 29% thought voters would be less supportive; and only 17% prefer a female candidate over 30% who answered that a woman would be less electable.[7]


The Democrat 2020 Primary field of the Best and the Blightest. Although white males are only 31% of the U.S population, they are 56% of the Democratic presidential candidates. Rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested that the top Democratic presidential candidates have the "intelligence of a sea sponge."[8]

Name Issues State
De blasio.jpg
Bill de Blasio
New York City mayor; certifiable nutcas. De Blasio blamed a spate of hate crime attacks on Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn by Blacks on "white supremacy."[9] Wants to ban school children from eating meat on Mondays as part of the War on Cow Flatulence, Homelessness has increased under De Blasio's high tax regime.[10] Thinks the public is too stupid to remember flip-flops, like he was against the Amazon deal before he was for it. NY
Bernie Sanders
Premier Socialist mass murder denier.[11] Must address charges that he ignored complaints from at least two dozen male and female volunteers (and however many other genders) of "sexual violence and harassment" in his 2016 presidential campaign.[12] The New York Times reported that Sanders had apologized to female victims of sexual violence who "were not treated properly,"[13] however male victims of sexual violence in the Sanders campaign have not been addressed. Secondly, a mere "apology" does not address the serious issue of sexual violence in the Sanders campaign. Sanders claims that women want to be raped by 3 men.[14] Sanders unionized his non-profit campaign workers, adding an extra layer of protection against firing of workers accused of violent sexual attacks against co-workers. Sanders, who spent time in the Soviet Union praising a communist slave system that did not allow voting rights for anyone, now advocates voting rights for imprisoned murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers, terrorists and white supremacists in America. VT
Elizabeth Warren
Rabid Marxist known for divisive hate speech. Lied to rob money from affirmative action programs for minorities to advance her career.[15] Also corruption in the CFPB which she headed.[16] A blatant racist who chugged a beer on camera trying to prove she's Native American.[17][18][19] Under Warren's notion of income equality, if you do not go to college, you get to pay for the elites who do.[20] According to the Washington Free Beacon, Warren has proposed or endorsed spending programs totaling nearly twice World gross domestic product over the next ten years.[21] MA
Mike Gravel.png
Mike Gravel
Retired U.S. Senator.[22] Strong proponent of environmental issues, supports universal health care, opposed the War in Iraq and advocates for the legalization of all drugs.[23] Gravel was elected to the Senate in 1968, served on the Environment and Public Works Committee throughout his career, on the Finance and Interior Committees and he chaired the Energy, Water Resources, and Environmental Pollution subcommittees. Activist who supports stalking and public harassment. Gravel told a Washington, D.C. crowd that they should protest assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg for bringing criminal contempt charges against Sami Al-Arian who pled guilty to providing material assistance to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.[24] "Find out where he lives, find out where his kids go to school, find out where his office is, picket him all the time.” AK
Joe Biden.jpg
Joe Biden
The Washington Post calls Biden "Creepy Uncle Joe;"[25] segregationist; racist; serial sexual predator and groper. Claims that the women's rights movement has made social mores more conservative and promises to be less of the slobbering pervert that made him a successful Democratic candidate. WaPo reported he likes to get nude in front of female Secret Service Agents when his wife isn't around.[26] The female agents were afraid to report the incidents because Biden couldn't be disciplined and they would be reassigned, effectively demoted - a gross violation of women's equal rights and abuse of power inequities. Twenty years after Brown v. Board of Education, Biden embraced the "separate but equal" doctrine,[27] telling NPR that segregation was "a matter of black pride." Biden amassed a coalition of liberals and George Wallace supporters to oppose racial integration, and considered a Constitutional Amendment outlawing court ordered school desegregation. Authored the racist Superpredator Crime Bill of 1994[28] adding more than forty death penalty crimes. Biden boasted “we do everything but hang people for jaywalking.”[29] Authored the notoriously racist hundred-to-one sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine.[30] His New Jim Crow bill incarcerated 2.5 million Black males, one tenth of the Black male population,[31] destroying families. Biden has been criticized for his racist, sexist, and bigotted handling of Anita Hill,[32][33] calling her a liar[34] and his habit of unwanted groping of women and young girls.[35] Participant in manufacturing the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.[36] Referred to Attorney General William Barr as "a heck of an honorable guy."[37] Also nepotism and cronyism in dealing with Ukraine and China.[38][39][40] Biden oversaw doling out $1.8 billion in U.S. government aid to Ukraine while his son, Hunter Biden, received $160,000 a month in kickbacks.[41] Biden is currently under investigation by Ukrainian prosecutors for interfering in the corruption investigation of Hunter Biden.[42] Hunter Biden has sold drone technology to the Chinese military.[43] Unsurprisingly, Biden disregards the assessment of U.S. intelligence agencies and doesn't regard China as a strategic threat.[44] DE
Andrew Yang
Cultural Marxist, endorsed by white supremacists and Richard Spencer.[45] Corporatist attorney. Leader of the racist technocrat wing of the party. Yang has a single issue: doling out cash from a single taxing authority to whoever wants it, while collecting the cash from whoever is stupid enough to keep working for a living. And he wants a federal Office of internet censorship to shut down Free Speech rights of anyone who dares to tell the truth.[46] Thinks that if the government gave away free money, it would reduce suicide and opioid abuse.
John Hickenlooper
Homosexual Colorado governor; proud communist;[47] "extreme moderate" demagogue noted for Marxist buzzwords and phrases. Single-party advocate; Hickenlooper has stated "I can bring people together to produce the progressive change Washington has failed to deliver." Hickenlooper owns 15 diverse brew pubs in several states, some catering to the straight community's interests. CO
Tulsi Gabbard.jpg
Tulsi Gabbard
Endorsed by David Duke; [48] homophobic;[49] Islamophobic;[50] anti-Zionist;[51] anti-capitalist member of the far left Congressional Progressive Caucus.[52] Supports free healthcare, tuition, education, housing, income, abortion, paid family leave, daycare, transportation, phones, prescription drugs, syringes, food, clothing, utensils, hygiene products, condoms, blankets, underwear, socks, shoelaces, interest rate subsidies, rideshare for drunks, veterinary services, towing, pizza, beer, marijuana, opioids, narcon, cremation and burial services. Gabbard was an unelected Superdelegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention pledged to Bernie Sanders.[53] She was one of 50 Democrats who signed a letter authored by California communist Barbara Lee calling on President Obama not to escalate the war in Syria[54] after providing covert assistance to ISIS.[55] Accuses fellow Democrats of risking nuclear holocaust with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.[56] Gabbard has highlighted her noninterventionist America First foreign policy. Gabbard is perhaps the most Trumpian of Democratic candidates, saying "When it comes to the war against terrorists, I'm a hawk. When it comes to counterproductive wars of regime change, I'm a dove."[57] HA
Delaney (2).jpg
John Delaney
Ex-congressman from Maryland. White male "progressive businessman." Founded two companies on the New York Stock Exchange, one of which still exists. Health Care Financial Partners (HCFP) was founded in 1993 and CapitalSource in 2000. CapitalSource was awarded a Bank Enterprise Award from the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund by the Obama administration in 2010 (see Community Reinvestment Act). Delaney announced he would run for president rather than re-election and was the first Democrat to file with the FEC as early as 2017. DNC rules require a candidate to have 65,000 small-dollar donors (less than $250) to be included in debates; as of 2019 Delaney still lags behind the 65,000 donor mark, and has promised to transfer $2 from each new donor to Planned Parenthood or several other non-profit groups, including an anti-Second Amendment group.[58] After the primaries, unspent funds can be channeled to other political campaigns,[59] non-profit groups, or a so-called zombie campaign.[60] Most regard Delaney's stunt as a nationwide fundraising scam to raise out of state money for a 2022 election bid against the incumbent Republican governor of Maryland.[61] Delaney has raised $21 million as of the first quarter of 2019.[62] MD
Jay-3 (2).jpg
Jay Inslee
Washington state governor, Chicken Little[63] Gaia worshiper.[64] Wants open borders for "climate refugees" and to continue doping up voters with marijuana and opioids to further totalitarian healthcare. Inslee claims that if the atmosphere in Seattle were kept at 350 carbon dioxide parts per million, the whole world would live happily ever after. In 2018, it was at 408.52 carbon dioxide parts per million, making life unsafe for orcas and salmon, creating forest fires, and "leaving ash on the hoods of our cars" which contribute to carbon emissions.[65] This would entail grandfathering in the white privilege of rich car owners, and limit the opportunities of Millennials and minorities to ever own a car. As to noxious emissions from a North Korean nuclear device exploded over Seattle, Inslee has yet to make his position clear. WA
Michael Bennet
Son of a head of NPR, brother of the head of the leftist commie rag The Atlantic, Hickenlooper flunkie. Racial agitator. Bennet's job as head of the Democrat Senate Leadership Council during the 2014 Midterm elections was to stir-up racial strife and animosity between Blacks and police resulting in the Ferguson riots to motivate Blacks to the polls.[66] After a Colorado high school shooting in which a transgender and registered Democrat murdered a fellow student and injured nine, anti-constitutional activists tried to hijack a memorial service and turn it into an anti-Second Amendment rally. Students walked out when Bennet spoke. The children complained of being exploited by liberals for political purposes.[67] CO
Kamala Harris.jpg
Kamala Harris
Bay Area Democrat of the Jim Jones/Willie Brown machine.[68][69] Marxist who rejects due process.[70][71][72] Protected a sexual predator on her staff.[73] Her father has disassociated himself from her racist campaign which has characterized Jamaicans as dope smoking pleasure seekers.[74] Harris compared the men and women working for ICE to the KKK;[75] more than half of ICE border guards are Hispanic.[76] Harris proposes taking away American's private health insurance and making them pay for illegal immigrants healthcare.[77] As California Attorney General, Harris's refusal to defend the citizen referendum Proposition 8 in federal court led to the judicial fiat legalization of gay marriage.[78] Harris began her career at the age of 29 by having an extra-marital affair with the 60-year-old Willie Brown.[79][80] Brown appointed her to several six figure income government jobs.[81] According to The New Yorker, between her break-up with Willie Brown in the mid-1990s and her first marriage at the age of 50 three years before she began fundraising to run for president, she had no heterosexual relationships with men.[82] Opposes a workers' right to work, feed and clothe him/her self and their families, and wants a return to the bad-old-days of Communist/Mafia/Democrat controlled labor unions. Harris is the establishment pick of Clinton and Obama big money donors.[83] CA
Seth Moulton
Moulton, along with Ocasio-Cortez, led the movement to Dump Pelosi as Speaker in 2019. Moulton is a sponsor of the radical socialist Green New Deal. According to his bio, Moulton almost single-handedly was among the first to topple Saddam Hussein from power. Moulton was a top aide to Gen. David Petraeus, who was framed by the Obama administration and forced to resign as CIA director for refusing to go along with the Benghazi massacre cover story,[84] and replaced by John Brennan who weaponized and politicized the CIA to work for Hillary Clinton's election.[85] Moulton has been accused of sexism and ageism and thinks women and the elderly are disposable. MA
Pete Buttigieg
Buttigieg (Pron. Boot-EDGE-EDGE) is the son of Joseph Buttigieg, who translated Antonio Gramsci's works into English.[86] Gramsci is considered the father of modern cultural Marxism. Buttigieg was elected mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg was gay married in 2018 after the far left long march to destroy the institution of marriage. Buttigieg is pro-illegal alien, pro-sanctuary city, thinks Jesus was a communist, wants "gender balance" on the Democratic ticket but hasn't figured out there are not 58 spots on the ticket yet.[87] Buttigieg is a major figure in promoting the ideological subversion of the family and democracy. Buttigieg blames God for sin and homosexuality, and attacks Mike Pence for being a Christian. Buttigieg thinks God, who created men and women and ordered them to be "be fruitful and multiply,"[88] contradicted himself by creating people gay. Buttigieg has an appalling disrespect for human rights and property rights. Buttigieg is pro-reparations from all white, Asian, Native and non-African American descendants to pay for the crimes of the Democratic party's Slave Power.[89] IN
Eric Swalwell
Russia collusion hoaxer, fake news source and classified information leaker on the House Intelligence Committee. He was ranking Democrat of the Subcommittee on the CIA in the 115th Congress when CIA director John Brennan organized a spy network to spy on candidate Donald Trump.[90] Likens Obama's negligence in dealing with Russian cyber attacks to 9/11. Refuses to answer if he ever settled a sexual harassment lawsuit while in Congress,[91] or if taxpayer money was used to settle such a claim. Anti-2nd Amendment. CA
Cory Booker
Faces charges of unwanted homosexual advances.[92] Considered one of the Democratic party's pre-eminent "house negroes."[93] "Superman," who as mayor rescues women and dogs from burning buildings.[94] "Spartacus" who anointed himself above the law and rules of the Senate[95] (Spartacus was a 1950s film written by Hollywood propagandist and KGB agent Dalton Trumbo to indoctrinate Blacks with radical leftist anti-establishment thinking). Became a vegan after discovering eggs do not "align with my spirit."[96] Compares eliminating cow farts to defeating Nazism.[97] Introduced the racially divisive Reparations bill to punish and indenture non-African American taxpayers to pay for Democrat vote buying. After falsely accusing President Trump of interfering in a Department of Justice investigation, Booker has pledged to order the Department of Justice to investigate Big Tech for anti-trust violations. Booker performed the first gay marriage in New Jersey in 2013. Having never been married at the age of 49, Booker along with mainstream media in recent years has been trying to cultivate an image as a heterosexual. NJ
Vermin supreme.jpg
Vermin Supreme
Activist and performance artist. Presidential candidate in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016. Candidate for mayor of Detroit, Michigan in 1989 and Baltimore, Maryland in 1987.[98] Traditional Democrat, promises a free pony to everyone.[99] KS
Beto picking his nose.jpeg
Beto O'Rourke
Beta male, spent $70 million to lose an election, wasting other people's money qualifies him to be a Democrat president.[100] He's the white Barack Obama.[101] Claims he was born to run and lose.[102] Took the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge to refuse campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry while taking $476,325 in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry.[103] Crossdresser.[104] O'Rouke claims President Trump is "forcing illegal immigrants to enter outside ports of entry." Climate change gloom-and-doom soothsayer.[105] He is considered a corporatist foul mouthed liberal who treats staff poorly.[106] Rides a skateboard and gesticulates like an idiot. Founder of a 1980s illegal hacker group. Beto's 2018 Senate campaign diverted money to illegal migrants.[107] Beto is running campaign ads in Mexico, inviting foreign influence in American elections.[108] A prominent supporter of Beto O'Rourke was outed as a virulent racist who sings songs in support of public lynchings.[109][110][111] TX
Tim Ryan (2).jpg
Tim Ryan
Ryan has voiced support for "industrial policy."[112] Ryan has however sometimes been outside the mainstream of the Democrat party - he opposes abortion, shipping jobs to China and nuclear war with North Korea. Ryan claims that General Motors closing plants in Ohio and shipping jobs to China,[113][114] after Democrats spent $12 billion of taxpayer money to save GM and further Obama's 2012 re-election chances, prompted him to run for president in 2020.[115] Led the Dump Pelosi movement, accused of sexism.[116] OH
Wayne messam (2).png
Wayne Messam
Mayor of Miramar, Florida. Many of Messam's key staffers are women with connections to Barack and Michele Obama or Florida 2019 gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Gillum's campaign suffered from an embarrassing ethics and financial scandal in the late stages. Messam's chief strategist and Senior Finance Adviser were involved with the Gillum campaign. Of eight senior staffers, five are women.[117] Messam's top issues are equal pay for women and pandering to youth and college students. Messam's initial filing with the Federal Elections Commission showed he had $84,000 on hand, but later the same day he revised his FEC report showing he only had half that amount. On April 15, 2019, Messam notified the mostly female staff they would not get paid.[118] FL
Bullocks3 (2).jpg
Steve Bullock
Montana governor; claims to be "moderate," but vetoed bill which would have banned infanticide[119] and supports gun control.[120] MT
Kirsten-Women's March.jpg
Kirsten Gillibrand
Junior Senator from New York. Gillibrand took part in the 2019 anti-Semitic Women's March.[121] Former Big Tobacco defense lawyer. Disliked by colleagues for criticizing Democrats' exoneration of Bill Clinton's sexual harassment and sexual assault charges.[122] Gillibrand's father, Doug Rutnik, was the attorney for the NXIVM sex cult.[123][124][125] According to court documents reported in the Albany Times Union, Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman, a NXIVM cultist, attached a key logger virus to her father, Edgar Bronfman's email account. Edgar Bronfman was in email contact with Hillary Clinton. Through the key logger, NXIVM cult leaders were able to hack into Hillary Clinton's email account.[126] It is said Rutnik blackmailed Clinton, with information from the hacked emails, to turn her seat over to Gillibrand when Clinton resigned in 2009.[127] In March 2019, NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman plead guilty to sex slavery charges,[128][129] and NXIVM founder Keith Raniere was charged with manufacturing child pornography.[130] A supposed advocate of equal protection, Gillibrand's crusade into sex abuse in the military fizzled when it was discovered the vast majority of alleged victims were male.[131] Pro-China in the trade war. Wants to raise taxes by repealing tax cuts. Marxist class warrior inciting hatred and resentment. Defender of a free press - except Julian Assange.[132] NY
Julian Castro
Former Obama Sec. of HUD.[133] A descendant of white European Conquistadors who imposed colonial rule over Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere and engaged in the African slave trade, Castro now considers himself a "person of color" demanding free money from Angelos, Slavs, Poles, Irish, Italian, Native Americans, Asians and every other non-African American immigrant group after the Civil War, as well as descendants of white Union Civil War dead and veterans who fought to free Blacks, as "reparations" to living voters he hopes to capture for the Democratic party in the name of their sense of justice.[134] Julian is the twin brother of Joaquin Castro, a totalitarian Green New Dealer in the U.S. House of Representatives. Their mother was a community organizer for the The United Race party, a nationalist organization. TX
Maxresdefault (2).jpg
Amy Klobuchar
Neo-liberal corporatist lawyer; product of the communist dominated Minnesota Democratic Farm-Labor machine[135] that produced such luminaries as Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone, Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar; congressional staffers describe her as "de-humanizing;"[136] eats salad with a comb (mmm lice are tasty now that we've done away with farting cows);[137] has had the highest turn over of Senate staffers between 2000 - 2016 and voted the least favorable to work for; Green New Dealer. Spoke at a rally where the words of a convicted cop-killer and Socialist on the FBI Most Wanted list who escaped and was given asylum in Cuba were chanted by the crowd.[138][139] DNC effort to ring in Midwestern blue color demographic. Russia collusion hoaxer. Had to que Democratic operatives when to applaud during a CNN townhall.[140] MN
Williamson (2).jpg
Marianne Williamson
Loser of California's 33rd Congressional district (Beverly Hills) in 2014; Williamson ran as an Independent and lost to Democrat Ted Lieu who believes that Black people are stupid.[141] The district has a median income of $105,200, is 68.5% White, only 2.8% Black, 11.2% Hispanic, 13.5% Asian including Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs. Soros stooge. Limousine liberal who supports totalitarian healthcare, the war on cow farts, and racially divisive reparations. "New Age flake".[142] Spiritual advisor to Oprah Winfrey, author of Illuminata and How To Plug In The Universe among several other books dispensing such sage advice as "when you have a bad thought, don't take any immediate actions, " and "love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn."[143] Wants to bring "moral and spiritual awakening" to the United States. Co-founder of the globalist Peace Alliance, part of the support network for the Soros-funded international communist front organization, the Global Strategy of Nonviolence.[144] CA

Expressed interest

In the Democratic party, the ability to motivate voters to the polls takes precedence over policy positions and qualifications. (Qualifications and policy positions only apply to Donald Trump). The Democratic party is an amalgamation of identity politics groups built on promoting divisiveness and resentment between citizens, usually between God-fearing patriotic capitalists and everyone else ("the oppressed," for example, those who have never seen a garbage disposal in their life[145]). Virtually all declared and undeclared candidates as of the Spring of 2019 are running for vice-president until the Anointed One appears.[146]

Under FEC regulations, funds raised by this group can be poured into other activities. Politicians have exempted themselves from disclosure requirements mandatory for all other non-profit entities. For example, funds raised for the Stacy Abrams for President fund can be re-channeled into the Stacy Abrams for Senate fund. When a private sector non-profit entity raises money for one cause, and uses it for another cause, that is considered fraud.

Name Issues State
Howard schultz (2).jpg
Howard Schultz
Ex-Starbucks CEO; required workers nationwide to attend sensitivity training after a racial incident;[147] critic of Ocasio-Cortez and Democrat communist nuttery.[148]
Stacey-Abrams2-e1542057982308 877.jpg
Stacey Abrams
2018 Georgia gubernatorial loser; coulda woulda shoulda been the First Black female governor; likely Biden's pick for VP. Claims we all will be speaking Russian by 2030.[149] Her pre-recorded Democrat response to Trump's SOTU was a rambling incoherent mess why she lost ala Hillary Clinton, blaming everyone but herself. Activist for dead people and illegal aliens to vote. GA
Mcauliffe (2).jpg
Terry McAuliffe
Corrupt Clinton crony, paid Andrew McCabe $700,000 to throw the Clinton email investigation; VA
Tom-Steyer-Getty-640x480 (2).jpg
Tom Steyer
Crazy 1%'er and angry mob agitator;[150] obsessed over Donald Trump's success. No program other than spewing hatred of Trump and Trump supporters, and building a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary vanguard party among young people. Likely one of the donors to Dan Jones who hired Christopher Steele and FusionGPS, after Trump was elected, to keep the Trump-Russia hoax alive. CA
Mark Cuban
NBA oligarch, game show host, greedy capitalist pig, Trump hater.


Unfortunately, the Democratic party and the nation was deprived of the wisdom, experience, and foresight of this illustrious group of leaders.

Name Issues State
Michael-avenatti (2).jpg
Michael Avenatti
Celebrated porn lawyer and MSNBC analyst. Prominent Democrat party spokesman. Accused woman beater,[151] embezzler, extortionist and tax cheat. Faces 482 years in prison. Racist. Avenatti told Time magazine the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee: "I think it better to be a white male."[152] CBS reported, "He said the party's nominee in 2020 "better be a white male" like him, because "when you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight."[153] Referred for criminal investigation in the Kavanaugh smear.[154] Withdrew amidst a multitude of personal, professional, ethical and legal problems.[155][156] Avenatti became an enthusiastic backer of the Democrat older white male racist agenda of Joe Biden. NY
Clintonfly2crop (2).jpg
Hillary Clinton
Serious mental and physical health issues.[157][158] NY
Holder-Eric-Kick-em-a (2).jpg
Eric Holder
Corrupt former Attorney General held in Contempt of Congress, advocate of violence to achieve political change, implicated in the massive Fast and Furious scandal leaving tens of thousands of dead along the U.S. border - including thousands of young women and girls kidnapped, raped, murdered or sold as sex slaves,[159] gun running, pardoning terrorists, selling pardons to tax cheats, etc.
Michael Bloomberg.png
Michael Bloomberg
1%'er. Willing to spend $100 million on a personal vendetta against Trump. Said he'll get back in the race if Biden's harassment and abuse of women and girls becomes an issue. NY
Merkley (2).jpg
Jeff Merkely
Oregon Senator. Colluded in the Kavanaugh smear with a 15-hour filibuster on the Senate floor. Only Senator to endorse Bernie Sanders in 2016. No relation to German Chancellor "Mother Terrorista" Angela Merkel. OR
Sherrod Brown
Ohio senator. Attempt to divide Ohio and hold it for the Democrat camp as the state is necessary to whoever wins. OH
Martin O’Malley.jpg
Martin O'Malley
Strawman set up as sparring partner in 2016 primary debates with Hillary. MD

GOP primary

Restricting illegal immigration has benefited Black teenagers more than any other group.
Source: Federal Reserve Board

The GOP is a diverse group of communist resisters. Marxists typically refer to anyone not on board with government takeover of healthcare and education, collectivization, dependency, the administrative state, the destruction of social mores and cherished family institutions, as counter-revolutionaries, or its Spanish equivalent, Contra. The old leftist Soviet penal code had a charge entitled, "Counter-Revolutionary Thought;"[160] many Republicans have already faced social media censorship and banning for counter revolutionary activity or thought.


Barring another failed coup or assassination attempt by authoritarian Democrats seeking single party control, Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican nominee in 2020. Trump's trade war with China has restored economic health, put America on the road to restoring necessary manufacturing jobs, and lessened the threat of nuclear war originating in the Far East. Termination of the dictatorial mandates of the Affordable Care Act has restored job growth. Tightening of immigration policies has created the lowest unemployment figures among African Americans, particularly teenagers, in recorded history. Trump remains the biggest threat to the authoritarian agenda of the Democratic party to limit and destroy freedom, and turn America into a technocracy ruled by elitists.

Name Issues State
Donald Trump official presidential photo.jpg
Donald Trump
Experience, success (see Donald Trump achievements). By his 100th day, it was clear that Trump had disrupted the liberal political establishment consensus.[161] The Trump Administration was able to achieve numerous accomplishments by its first year in office,[162] and it kept many of its promises.[163] According to Reuters in late September 2017, President Trump had "begun to reshape American life in ways big and small."[164] He undid many of Barack Obama's executive orders and worked to undo his entire political legacy.[165] Not only did President Trump act as a disruptor, but he "set in motion an administration arguably more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s."[166] In 2018, President Trump continued advancing a conservative agenda, this time focusing on the more nationalistic portions of it,[167] and he continued undoing Obama Administration policies.[168] He received some help from Congress to advance his agenda.[169] By the beginning of 2019, President Trump had either kept or made progress on many of his campaign promises,[170] and he continued advancing conservative policies.[171] His policies led to much progress for blacks, homosexuals, and Jews.[172] Front-runner by a mile. NY


None have a serious chance of carrying a single state. Most are simply unethical fundraising schemes aimed at a gullible puiblic.

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