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Unplanned is a 2019 pro-life movie about the life of Abby Johnson, a former abortion clinic director who became a pro-life activist.

The movie exceeded box office expectations in theaters despite various factors working against it, including an "R" rating, the refusal of many media outlets to air the trailer,[1] and a temporary Twitter ban.[2] Despite being suspended by Twitter during its opening weekend, the movie's Twitter account received 80,000 more followers than Planned Parenthood.[3][4]

It was erroneously claimed that distribution companies effectively banned Unplanned in Canada,[5] but it was later reported than an independent distributor has picked up the movie to show at theatres owned by Cineplex Entertainment and Landmark Cinemas, Canada's two largest cinema chains. Subsequent to the announcement, gutless pro-abortion cowards made death threats and launched harassment campaigns against Canadian independent movie theatre owners (i.e. those not associated with Cineplex or Landmark) planning on screening the movie, resulting in one of the independent owners cancelling his theatre's planned screening, which prompted police to get involved to investigate the threats.[6]


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