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I notice Mr. Schlafly said that no one against the different tests in History class quoted the Bible. True. How about this: "...There is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)
Go Christine Cloud! [[Christine Cloud]] is a young Christian missionary/evangelist, who was protesting gay marriage in California- by singing Amazing Grace in a gay activist district- when she was attacked by a man who stole her Bible and hit her in the head with it. Rather than press charges, she asked the police to say that she forgave him. God bless you! Let us pray for her attacker also.
Today, Sunday November 23 is Miley Cyrus' birthday. Happy birthday [[Miley Cyrus]]! God bless you.
'''Merry CHRISTmas to everyone! Let us all remember the true meaning of Christmas. God bless!'''
'''Happy and BLESSED New Year to all! To a productive year at [[Conservapedia]]!'''
==Articles I have edited:==
*[[Nineteen Eighty-Four]] (added Governmental Structure section)
*[[NASCAR]] (added new names of racing series)
*[[Anthem]] (Completely revamped: added Major Plot Events and Society and Government)
*[[Steel]] (Added Andrew Carnegie's name)
*[[Selena Gomez]] (Added link to [[purity ring]] and specified that Selena wears one)
*[[Vegetarianism]] (Instigated the inclusion of citations where they were needed)
*[[Recycling]] (mentioned "reduce, reuse, recycle" slogan, made specification)
*[[Goth (subculture)]] (Fixed up grammar)
*[[Transubstantiation]] (Fixed up existing text, added new section)
*[[Nashville]] (Added new section)
*[[Essay:Greatest Church Hymns]]
*Improved [[Tyndale Bible]]
*[[Disputed Biblical Translations]] (added example of translating difference between Protestants and Catholics)
*Updated [[Al Franken]] (added latest news on the Senate race recount)
*[[Jeremiah Wright]] (Make redirects and fix citation error)
*[[List of 50 states]] (completely revamped with some help)
*[[Trans fat]] (Total rewrite)
*[[Essay:Best New Conservative Words]] (Added [[democide]], [[fellow traveller]], and design by committee)
*[[Speciation]] (New section, relation to evolution)
*[[Old Earth]]
==Articles I have created:==
*[[Pump 'Em Up]] (organization to conserve fuel by inflating tires)
*[[Taylor Swift]] (Country music star)
*[[Jonas Brothers]] (popular boy band)
*[[Purity ring]] (symbol of commitment to remain chaste till marriage)
*[[Christine Cloud]] (Christian missionary attacked by gay activist)
*[[The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History]] (popular history book)
*[[Catholic Answers]] (Catholic apologetics apostolate)
*[[Real presence]] (Different Christian beliefs on the Eucharist)
*[[Landfill]] (Waste disposal method)
*[[Goodsearch]] (Search engine donating money to charities of your choice)
*[[Tripartite Pact]] (Pact creating Axis Powers of WWII)
*[[Contemporary Christian Music]]
*[[Music Row]] (Nashville music/entertainment district)
*[[Holy God We Praise Thy Name]] (Traditional Catholic hymn)
*[[Political cartoon]]
*[[The Message]] (Bible translation)
*[[Cotton Patch Version]] (''Very'' interesting Bible translation!)
*[[Orans]] (Position of prayer)
*[[Bernard Madoff]]
*[[Lauda Sion Salvatorem]] ([[Corpus Christi]] hymn)
*[[Kwanzaa]] (African American holiday)
*[[The Night Before Christmas]]
*[[Menorah]] ([[Jewish]] symbol and [[Chanukah]] candleholder)
*[[Jack London]] (Writer and novelist)
*[[Creation]] (Overviewing differing views on creation and giving bios of famous creationists)
*[[The Iron Heel]] ([[Dystopian]] novel)
*[[Natural-born citizen]]
*[[Chesley Sullenberger]] (pilot of plane crashed in [[Hudson River]])
*[[Resin identification codes]] (Symbols to identify plastics for recycling)
*'''[[Conservapedia]]''' ('''Content article about CP''')
*[[Open mind]]
*[[Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation]]
*[[Stars and Stripes Forever]]
*[[Political Compass]]
*[[Pipe organ]] (stub, please expand)
*[[Mother of Divine Grace School]] ([[Homeschooling]] service)
*[[Composting]] (will expand)
*[[Know Homeschooling]] (A wiki about homeschooling)
*[[Nellie Gray]] (founder of [[March for Life]])
*[[The Teaching Company]]
*[[Seton Home Study School]]
*[[Ray Kroc]] (Entrepreneur behind [[McDonald's]])
*[[Wasabi]] ([[Japanese]] condiment)
*[[Generation Joshua]]
*[[Exodus Mandate]]
*[[Red Envelope Project]]
*[[Revelation (religion)]]
*[[Google Earth]]
*[[Apostles' Creed]]
*[[Foundation for a Better Life]]
*[[Freedom From Religion Foundation]]
*[[Larry Kudlow]]
*[[Interesterified fat]] (Type of processed oil)
*[[Melting pot]] (Cultural term)
*[[Priests for Life]]
*[[Randall Terry]]
*[[Tiktaalik roseae]] (Claimed transitional form between fish and amphibian tetrapods)
*[[Polystrate fossil]]
*[[Darwinius masillae‎]] (new "missing link" fossil)
*[[Stasis (biology)]]
*[[Derived (evolution)]]
*[[Omphalos hypothesis]]
*[[Great Books Academy]] (homeschool curriculum)
*[[Calvert School]] (Private school and homeschool curriculum)
*[[List of homeschool curriculums]]
*[[Billy Mays]] (American advertiser)
*[[Philip D. Gingerich]] (Evolutionist, paleontologist)
*[[Closed communion]]
*[[Open communion]]
*[[Template:Bible Versions]]
*[[Template:Creation vs. evolution]]
*'''[[Essay:The Coming Fifth Great Awakening in America|The Coming Fifth Great Awakening in America]]''' ('''Nominated and selected as Featured Article during Holy Week/Easter Week''')
*[[Essay:Justifying Justification by Faith and Works|Justifying Justification by Faith and Works]] (Essay supporting Catholic view of salvation)
*[[Essay:Examples of Moronic Vandalism by the "tolerant"|Examples of Moronic Vandalism by the "tolerant"]] (All the wonderful contributions made by vandals. If you know any, share them!)
*[[Essay: Greatest political rivalries in American history|Greatest political rivalries in American history]]
'''Conservapedia Exclusives:'''
These are articles I've created which do not exist on Wikipedia:
*[[Pump 'Em Up]]
*[[Christine Cloud]]
*[[Holy God We Praise Thy Name]]
*[[Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation]]
*[[Mother of Divine Grace School]]
*[[Know Homeschooling]]
*[[Nellie Gray]]
==About me==
'''My favorite sayings are:'''
"Everyone (in Jersey) is the best at something" - '''our own Mr. Schlafly'''
"If you have talent, that's God's gift to you. If you use that talent, that's your gift to God" - '''Red Skeleton'''
paraphrase: Guys will look all over a girl, but they won't remember the color of her eyes - '''a youth minister'''
“And when they call this treason we will call it American!  When they call it fad we will call it restoration!  And when they call us anarchists, we will call ourselves free men!” - '''myself, spoken by the Speaker of an illegal congress in a book I'm writing'''
"In response to the claim that God keeps the planets and heavenly bodies suspended and in motion, the atheist will say “Aha! We have found gravity!  You see, it is not God, but gravity that governs the stars.”  But would God not use natural means to guide His creation? Did He not form Man from the dust of the earth?  Did He not take on Man’s nature to save us?  For the atheist to replace God with gravity is no more logical than to say, “Aha! The watch operates using a battery!  Thus, the watch has no creator!" -
'''Myself, again'''
"There is no such thing as 'socialism.' If the rich spread their wealth of their own free will, it's called charity. If the government spreads their wealth against their will, it's called tyranny." -
'''You guessed it...myself!'''
"A free lunch violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics." -
"I believe in the absolute and ''unconditional'' right of a woman to carry her baby to term" -
paraphrase: If you're doing nothing, do ten times more. If you're doing a little bit, do ten times more. If you're doing everything you can, do ten times more. -
'''A congressman at the March for Life'''
"The invisible hand needs a shot in the arm." -
'''A description of the government bailouts during the recession'''
==Medals and Awards==
[[Image:Banhammer2.jpg|thumb|600px|right|'''AddisonDM''' is hereby awarded the prestigious & coveted '''Banhammer''' barnstar  for tireless vigilence against liberal fascists, vandals & trolls!]]
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