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Hello, welcome to my user page! I have been an editor at Conservapedia since 2008 and an administrator since 2009. I've worked mainly on articles relating to Christianity, environmentalism, and politics. Check out some of my articles or essays!

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About me

Favorite quotes:

"Everyone (in Jersey) is the best at something" - Mr. Schlafly

"If you have talent, that's God's gift to you. If you use that talent, that's your gift to God" - Red Skeleton

"Guys will look all over a girl, but they won't remember the color of her eyes - a youth minister

“And when they call this treason we will call it American! When they call it fad we will call it restoration! And when they call us anarchists, we will call ourselves free men!” - Quote from a story I'm writing

"In response to the claim that God keeps the planets and heavenly bodies suspended and in motion, the atheist will say “Aha! We have found gravity! You see, it is not God, but gravity that governs the stars.” But would God not use natural means to guide His creation? Did He not form Man from the dust of the earth? Did He not take on Man’s nature to save us? For the atheist to replace God with gravity is no more logical than to say, “The watch operates using a battery! Thus, the watch has no creator!" - Myself

"There is no such thing as 'socialism.' If the rich spread their wealth of their own free will, it's called charity. If the government spreads their wealth against their will, it's called tyranny."

"A free lunch violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics." - Myself

"If you're doing nothing, do ten times more. If you're doing a little bit, do ten times more. If you're doing everything you can, do ten times more." - A congressman at the March for Life

"The invisible hand needs a shot in the arm." - A description of the government bailouts during the recession

Medals and Awards

AddisonDM is hereby awarded the prestigious & coveted Banhammer barnstar for tireless vigilence against liberal fascists, vandals & trolls!
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