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I am a student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I study Political Science and Economics. I graduate this May.

My interests

  • Politics & Economics - especially where the two collide.
  • Cleaning up articles - especially interesting ones :)
  • Improving the following articles:

Economics Economic Class

  • Thinking about / adding to Conservapedia style articles IOT improve style standards.
  • Studying the reaction to edits, edit wars, discussion / talk pages.
  • Studying bias / perceived bias in Wikipedia
  • Adding thoughtful, useful material to Conservapedia & Wikipedia.
  • Music, backpacking, the military, elections, anthropology, running (5&10,20k) (slowly), blogs & blogging, communication

Questions in my (ongoing) research: -How does style matter in writing? How are arguments resolved across the two separate networks? How is ideology defined and maintained throughout arguments, splits, and conflicts?

My Wikipedia user: User My Conservapedia User