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I am a Christian

About Me

I have been brought up as a Christian in a strictly conservastive household. The truths of the Bible are embedded in my soul. Repeatedly I see scienific views of creation contorting the reality of the literal interpretation of the Bible. It is inadequate to live in a society with 'Christian Values', and to cast aside the truth of what we read. I say we should stand up for what is real, and give all those people with a liberal interpretation of Genesis a good seeing to.

I am new to conservapedia, but already find its values to be those that any society should live by. I will endeavour to keep this encyclopedia informed, whilst correcting benighted misinformations posted by shallow liberal vandals.

I know for a fact certain members of well known English schools, who have been indoctrinated with scientific untruths about the origins of God's earth, seem to find it funny to destroy web sites such as this one. I believe that with everyones help this site could eventually persuade them of the falsity of obtuce scientific claims.

Below is the principle I live my life by, worked into a formula:

Where Bo=Books in Bible and Wo=words in Genesis

When this formula is rearranged you come to:


The final outcome of this formula when multiplied by zero is incredible, it is the serene value of 0, the year of Christ's Birth.

This formula is what leads me to live my life for the truth, and to make sure everyone accepts the values I have also come to accept.

My Values

- Genesis is Real

- G. Bush was a hero

- Obama is simply wrong

- Abortion is murder

- Liberalists are socialists in disguise

- Darwin must have had the mental capacity of an ape to come to the conclusions he drew