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Hello, Blavek, and welcome to Conservapedia!

I am a contributor named DavidB4. I just want to say hello and offer any assistance you might need! Also, we have some guides which might help you get started and learn your way around if you need them.

Please take a look at our rules when you get the chance. You also might want to look at the Guidelines of editing and collaborating here.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Also we have a community portal where you can ask general questions, introduce yourself, or just comment. If you do post messages, please sign them by placing "~~~~" at the end of each one.
Thanks for joining our community, Blavek! We look forward to working with you!
--DavidB4 (TALK) 21:16, September 25, 2021 (EDT)

What a coincidence… Not every ban on Wikipedia makes you a credible user on Conservapedia, Mr. “Awbrey”. We’ll have an eye on you. Conservapedia Guard (talk) 17:38, September 25, 2021 (EDT)

Belated welcome, Blavek! Being blocked on Wikipedia is not a crime. So please just stick to Conservapedia's rules, and there shouldn't be any problems. Thanks! --DavidB4 (TALK) 21:16, September 25, 2021 (EDT)
Thanks for the welcome. I hope I will be forgiven for not checking if my name had already been used on wikipedia by some sock puppeteer 14 years ago before subscribing to this site.
If I understand Conservapedia's rules correctly the following actions are not allowed and can result in your account being blocked by an admin:
* Creating a page about your "fake history" website pretending it is real
* Making a link to that page from your website pretending it's an independent confirmation of your claims
* Instead of replying to the message, undermining the credibility of the messenger who tried to report this to the admins
* Removing the {{delete}} template from your page without admin intervention
* Creating a sock puppet account pretending to be an admin to further stalk the user who reported your page
I may be wrong. As soon as you show some evidence about the time period 1980-2020, I will publicly retract everything I said about "hoax", "fake history", "sock puppet", and any other word that may have offended you. Blavek (talk) 17:14, September 26, 2021 (EDT)