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Liberals Steal the "Most Important Technology Since the Dawn of Time"

HELP! About two years ago I started an article in Wikipedia about Self-replicating machines with the technical name of "independent operability" which was deleted by "open source" liberal nut jobs and supplanted and hijacked by the now "Self-replicating machine" article: [1] which only left a stub of my technology badmouthing it [2]. Recently two very rude liberal editors [EyeSerene],[SteveBaker] "open source" fanatics, one is "immigrant" (SteveBaker) saying he "came here to do work Americans can't do" vandalized the article, put a block on the page then doing the following vicious vandalism:
1. Abridges my name from "Charles Michael Collins" to "Charles M. Collins" in F-Units article and in my patent listings [3],[4],
2. Overran Bowyer's (the infringers) article over mine rapid prototypers a device that does not "self-replicate" in the least,
3. Removed my direct links to my argument about Merkle's lies and put in footnotes instead making it harder to link to than before [5],
4. Removed pertinent features that were new art, generally ripping it up [6].
This is earth shaking developments in technology and liberals are stealing it, imposing an "affirmative action" campaign to groom liberal, foreign scientists with the credit, getting grants on it and steadfastly denying me grants at NASA, NSF, NIST, CIT etc. All the vandal editors at the "Self-replicating machine" [7] article are viciously Non-American/anti-American and so are those stealing it (or advocate anti-American, anti-capitalist views) and so do the only articles there but mine which is regularly subjected to drive-by vandalism with impunity while I remain blocked permanently just for reporting one of them trying to hack me, accusing of "legal threats". They have blocked all my friendly voters and anyone that votes for me as "sock-puppets" ect., ect., ect... you know the scam.
Meanwhile, I have been kidnapped and railroaded on completely bogus gun charges as liberal judges allow Quantico MCB serveil and harass me to interrogate me and attempt to commit me for simply "Saying you have a self-replicator". My property management business was infiltrated and my house stolen by an Indian Nuclear Scientist propped up in it, I was beaten up in my front yard etc.
This is my first hello to Conservapedia and I hope I'm welcome here. I was hopping you could do a decent in depth article about F-Units here and send a cabal (as they have been doing to me to revert their malicious edits at libypeadia).
Thanks, Charles Michael Collins, my site on "F-Units" (AKA: "Mechagenics") here: [8].
P.S.: Know any lawyers that can resolve this, or give me some advice to such as there is libel and copyright issues as well here (not a legal threat, just want info)? CharlieC 16:46, 14 June 2008 (EDT)