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Movies and Film clips

Christian Movies historical

Old testament movies:

Christian movies fiction

Other movies:

Other movies and documentaries

Coming out of the ice:

Obesity epidemic:

Six Day War:

Six Day War - [1][2] Watch these videos which document some of the spectacular things that happened during the Six Day War: God's hand in the Six Day War and Against all odds: In search of a miracle.

Hell in the Pacific documentary (2001):


Film clips

Film clips:

Fighter jet acceleration:

We were soliders:

U.S Marshals:

Car chases


Martial arts



Video clips

video clips:

Autumn foliage

(Flickr picture, see: license agreement)

USS Indianapolis

Cheetah, greyhound and hares


Simo Häyhä


U.S Navy Seals - weaponology

U.S Navy Seals Direct Action:

Submariners/silent service:

Special forces clips

Parkour film clips

Steven Seagall - Rondori

War clips


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