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News from a variety of political perspectives:

Rank Information Source Comments
Cybercast News uniquely informative news across all issues, including social ones; a top-quality news site in every respect
Western Center for Journalism Conservative news
Gerald Celente Center/right politically and big on economics and trends
WorldNetDaily has reporters at conservative events; moved to number 1 with its candid and courageous reporting about the homosexual agenda
One News Now Christian conservative news source
Drudge Report
City Journal Quarterly Journal - Thomas Sowell calls it "Arguably America's best magazine"
Breitbart breaks some big stories and political exposés
Fox News high volume of info
The Hill terrific source of news from Washington, D.C., without liberal bias


Evangelical organizations

Racial demographic/political shifts

Racial demographic shifts - Eric Kaufmann, Book: White Shift

Eric Kaufmann, Book: White Shift

Multiculturism, Western culture and anti-white bashing

Major powers: USA, European nations, China and Russia



Post Western Civ World. US and China prominent powers. European decline




Post Western World

Decline of nations:

Map of world by population size

Decline of nations/civilizations


Leftism is collapsing

Political left collapsing while leftism ascending in Democrat party

Identity politics

Anti-white identity politics

Freedom vs. complete autonomy vs. social responsibilities

Right-wing news

China and Christianity

Peter L. Berger's blog

GSS trends

Western culture


Identity politics

Racial politics and immigration

Paul Joseph Johnson

Gerald Celente YouTube channel

Atheist Congressional caucus

Demography and religion/Global Christianity

American evangelical hispanics:

Eric Kaufmann:

Decline of the state/nations

Expansion of right-wing material on the internet


Political/religious essays


Europe: Mass immigration, guilt and a continent on the brink of 'societal catastrophe'

Islamic populations hitting various percentages of population and the consequences

Islam and indoctrination

Islam, Europe and demographics

Muslims/evangelicals. Secular leftism collapsing faster than I expected

Please read the following articles:

Germany/France are two main pillars upon which Western, secular, liberalism rests now. If Gave is roughly correct (he did have a mathematical error as per the latter link given above), then an anti-atheism, anti-homosexuality, ant-feminism Muslim population may strike a huge blow against secular leftism much earlier than I thought.

On top of this, Merkel appears to be much weaker now and the French youth are becoming more right-wing in recent years.

I do know that Muslims are not assimilating and they tend to live in isolated ghettos in France (See: European desecularization in the 21st century).

My guess is that the accuracy of Gave's calculation rests on whether or not the fertility rate of French Muslims will about stay the same or significantly drop in the next 40 years.

After all is said and done, secular leftism appears to be between a quickly growing hammer of right-wing populism and an anvil of Muslim/Christian evangelicalism.

Secular leftism is collapsing much faster than I anticipated. However, I did foresee an acceleration of desecularization happening in the world so I was not completely caught off guard (see: Acceleration of 21st century desecularization).

Election betting odds

Accuracy of political prediction/betting markets


Martin van Creveld books: