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My name is Craig, I'm student and I love cars. I tried to edit at Wikipedia but pretty much everyone there is liberal and thinks that cars cause "global warming" and that the government should make people drive sissfied electric golf carts. I'm also Christian and didn't find the same kind of welcoming environment I'm used to amongst conservative Christians. People were always attacking me for every little mistake a made. I've been editing for few weeks. I'm really excited about the Conservative Dictionary Project, but I am really worried it has been infiltrated with liberals who seek to undermine our goals. Hopefully the administrators will ban these individuals, but so far I haven't seen much willingness to take action.

I apologize for my absence and my failure to complete Professor Schlafly's course. My mother forbid me to visit the website because of some of the content on it (some of the essays) and the way in which the course was taught (she is very against grade inflation and unfair grading). After having a family meeting with my father and praying we decided that there was more good than bad here and I am allowed to visit and edit again.

God bless America

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