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I collect rocks and minerals and my username is derived from my favorite mineral Crocoite.

Religion: What Do I Believe?

Message to all liberals

Do you realize that Conservapedia is a conservative website? Do you have Conservaphobia? You should not be surprised to see a conservative analysis here. We are not going to have a NPOV. As a conservative, I am happy Conservapedia exists as an alternative to Wikipedia. I prefer a conservative bias. I'm annoyed by anything liberal: liberal bias, liberal hate speech, liberal hypocrisy, liberal hysteria, liberal quotient, liberal tools, and liberal behavior on Conservapedia. I love adding more Examples of liberal bias from previous "Breaking News" articles. As a sysop, one of my favorite things, is adding conservative and anti-liberal articles to the Breaking News on the Main Page. Since I don't like politically correct language, if you don't like the news articles... too bad. I'm not here for your liberal enjoyment.

Message to Conservapedia editors

If the article is not protected Don't just complain on the talk pages. You're an editor... make the changes. (Deleting factual information for liberal reasons is allowed at Wikipedia, but not here).

Contest3 (November 2007)

American Government 101 course

I am currently taking the Conservapedia:American Government 101 course. My edits are here

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