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Formerly MountainDew

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My name is Dan. I am a sophomore at a Midwestern public university majoring in education, a basketball fan and a tournament chess player.

I expect to spend most of my time cleaning up grammar (let's write in complete sentences, folks!) removing vandalism and adding to entries relating to American history and Christianity, although I don't intend to limit myself to these areas. Lately, I've been working on beefing up the articles of the US presidents and states.

I am a Baptist and an Old-Earth Creationist. I am conservative or libertarian on most political issues with the exception of some environmental issues. I am also a proud Eagle Scout. I love following the Kansas Jayhawks and the Dallas Mavericks in basketball, as well as the Kansas City Chiefs in football.

I can be reached on AIM at FadingToStatic.

A few of the pages I have created or contributed extensively to:

Favorite Websites