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This is an active batch edit bot

This account is used by one or more bot owned and operated by DavidB4. At this time, the functions of this bot will be very limited, and used primarily for minor batch edits, such as category correction. In the future, it is hoped that this bot will also be able to act as a "watchdog" to help reduce vandalism.
If you have any suggestions regarding this bot, they will be eagerly welcomed. The current system is use does not allow much "growing room" so any other suggestions you have will be appreciated!

Current abilities

  • Find & Replace
  • Add templates to a set of pages
  • Add predefined text to a set of pages
  • Recategorize pages
  • Fix style and formatting
  • Scan for and correct typos (requires supervision)

There is currently no multi-user interface, but this may be an option. If you would like access, ask David B. If you have one or more task(s) completed, also ask David B. Please post all such messages on David's talk page.


  • This bot will generally not make routine edits to pages containing the comment "<!--nobot-->" Please use this only if this bot is making erroneous edits to a page. If you use this, please also notify David so he can attempt to find a permanent solution.
  • User pages are usually avoided
  • Talk pages are often skipped
  • In general, anything uncategorized will be skipped, since these are often unfinished or special purpose pages

Other information

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