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My Box...of stuff
This user has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.
This user is a Conservapedia Administrator.
This user's Political Compass coordinates are 5.88,1.85.
This user does not know what a barnstar is. :)
This user believes that the world no more than 6000 years old.
This user is a Yankee fan.
This user is a Giants fan.
This user is a student in HTML and can be found HTML'n.
This user is a homeschooler.
This user plays and watches baseball.
This user plays basketball.
This user plays the guitar.
This user plays the drums.
This user plays the tuba.
This user does not care about selfish secular humanistic views.
|Abs| User's absolute choice is to abstain from sex of any kind until marriage.

Hello, my name is David. I was a student in Mr. Schlafly's World History class that started this project. It has been a great privilege being a part in the making of this site. I consider the all the negative I see - from vandalism to blogs to the MSM - to be a sign that we are doing something right.

I am a devout Christian who is openly involved with my church. I am a student leader who used to lead games in Senior High Youth Group and now controls the computer to display slide shows, music, and movies. In addition, I co-lead a small group of about 8 boys. My church activities are a fulfilling and essential part of my life.

I like working with computers. Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop are just some of the programs that I have learned. Web and Media Design is a field that I can see myself going into. I recently was accepted to Ball State for Fall 2008. I am looking forward to going and getting to take part in their new media programs.

I know how to play 3 instruments: guitar, drums, and...suprise! tuba. I go to a program that offers music lessons at a local church. Twice a year, I participate in a concert.

I also enjoy playing sports. I have played basketball and baseball in my highschool years and plan to continue through college. I am homeschooled, so being given the opportunity to be on a homeschool basketball and baseball team has really been a blessing to me. All the guys on our basketball team are close and many of them are in the same graduating class as me.

When asked where I go to school, I can see the preconceived social notions forming as soon the word "homeschool" leaves my lips. But the issue of social activities is really a non-issue for me.

You can comment here if you have any questions, comments, or compliments.