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Why it’s unchristian to call Mormons “not Christian”

"I don’t begrudge people who feel the need to find some terminology to

demarcate themselves from Mormons. How about calling themselves “non- Mormons”, rather than making up a name for Mormons—“non-Christian”– which Mormons don’t agree with and don’t want to wear?

Insisting on applying that term to Mormons is like someone coming up and slapping a sticker on my back that says “Stupid”. They are well aware that, without specific explanation, it is understood by many people to mean that Mormons do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, the resurrected Savior of the world. Knowing this, people who use the term, without caveats to specify that it does not mean what it sounds like, are creating a false understanding about Mormons, and are therefore bearing false witness against their LDS neighbors.

Since they know that Mormons don’t like the label, people who use it are intentionally giving offense. How Christian is it to do that? Didn’t Jesus say something about people who call their brother “a

fool” being in danger of hell fire? "

I will now come out and say that any of you posting on Conservapedia that Mormons or Catholics are not Christians are being unchristian

yourself and are denigrating me and my faith.