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Test Your Open-mindedness

1. Do you resist admitting the possibility that a conservative approach to education is far more effective for students than a liberal one?

This a strange question. It asks the reader if they "resist admitting" a possibility. So even if a reader "reluctantly" or "begrudgingly" admits to it, they'd still be considered close-minded. The question implies that any sort of reluctance on the part of the reader is equal to close-mindedness, even if they eventually arrive at the correct conclusion.

2. If it were proven to your satisfaction that some idea you've been using to bolster a political argument was false, would you keep using that idea in your argument?

No. This question is not a measure of openmindedness, it's a measure of intellectual dishonesty.

3. Do you resist admitting that something you accepted for over a decade is, in fact, completely false?

Again with the "resist admitting" business...

4.Do you resist the possibility that Hollywood values result in significant harm for those who believe in them, and to innocent bystanders?

No, and more to the point, who would? Since "Hollywood values" (as defined on this site) are associated with almost every negative human trait and moral failing... who could deny that practitioners of such a lifestyle would be harmful to themselves an others? I guess this question was meant as a freebie.

5. Do you think it is impossible that increased gun ownership reduces the rate of crime?

Ill-defined question. What type of guns? What type of crime? Does having a gun prevent your truck from getting stolen from the Wal-Mart parking lot? Will having a gun prevent a woman from being raped if it's in her purse and her attacker already has his gun at the ready? It's too complex of a question looking for a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer.