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Hi, I'm a surgeon from Melbourne, Australia. I'm an Anglican, and also have an interest in rare diseases. Yes, many people ask me do i enjoy 'House', the television series. Yes i do. I also believe in the right to defend one's home and country.

My Background:

I teach part of the week at a prominent Melbourne University, so luckily I already have a handy set of coursenotes, of which I am the author, with which I can add to our disease collection (if you haven't beaten me there first!). I must also thank my students, as many of the notes I have collected on rare diseases were constructed by them as homework tasks. They were all very enthusiastic about preparing accounts of rare diseases for this online encyclopaedia.

Most of my timne is spent in my surgery practice, and when I am not there as a private practitioner I work for the public health system as an ER (visiting) surgeon. It is important to give back to the field and allow the registrars to learn from their seniors. Most of their teaching these days is 'bookish', and they benefit, i feel, from the practical skills afforded by observing experienced staff.

I respect all religious views, but I am Proud of my religious heritage. However I do not plan to get involved in religious debate on here. I prefer to stick to my areas of expertise, where I can maximise my usefulness.