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Quote about how the homosexual agenda uses its "gay marriage" campaign to destroy real marriage.

By their own admission, gay activists are not simply interested in making it possible for homosexuals and lesbians to partake of conventional married life. Rather, they aim to change the essential character of marriage, removing precisely the aspects of fidelity and chastity that promote stability in the relationship and the home [1]

New entry

28 pts

Quality new entry: 10 points

  • Definition:A Quality New Entry includes at least two full-length paragraphs, three relevant citations, several links to other entries, some in-depth content and designations of category.
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality New Entries will receive only 5 points.

Ordinary New Entry: 6 points

  • Definition: An Ordinary New Entry is a new entry which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality New Entry, but is of higher quality than a Short New Entry.
  1. Use of Force
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Ordinary New Entries will receive only 3 points.

Short New Entry: 4 points

  • Definition: A Short New Entry contains only a few sentences and may or may not have a reference.
  1. [2] People for the American Way
  2. Wetlands
  3. electron capture
  4. radioactive dating
  5. Wire fraud
  • Exception: Entertainment-related Short New Entries will receive only 2 points.
  1. A Beautiful Mind

Hard to categorize :

These are stubs. Do they actually get points?

  1. Ionizing radiation

Existing entry

20 pts

Quality edit of an existing entry: 4 points

  • Definition: A Quality Edit to an existing article includes at least two extra sentences, an additional reference, and the inclusion of an important or relevant fact, or adding a quality image to an article without any.
  1. Image added Carl Jung
  2. nuclear absorber
  3. Synchronous rotation - turned out not to apply to Mercury
  • Exception: Entertainment-related* Quality Edits will receive only 2 points.

Minor Edit of an existing entry: 2 points

  • Definition: A Minor Edit is an edit which does not meet the qualifications for a Quality Edit. These edits might include small formatting changes, spelling and grammatical changes and/or the addition of a category.
  1. fix external link
  2. add reference to Matthew Shepard
  3. Remove liberal bias from Chernobyl
  4. [3] + carcinogens
  5. main page - consolidate contest
  6. opinion on Hillary Clinton
  7. botnet herder - shows that 3 significant topics are red links

Breaking News

Breaking News Item: 3 points

  • Definition: A Breaking news item is placed on the Main page with wiki links to Conservapedia articles and a link to the external reference article.
  1. Barbara Walters embarrassed to agree with O'Reilly
  • Exception: A non-administrator who submits an article to an administrator and the article is placed on the Main page will receive 1 point and the administrator will receive 2 points for adding the article and links. It is at the administrator's discretion whether to place the article on the Main page. Editing an associated article (wikilinked) will score points under the regular points system.

Bonus Points

  • An additional bonus of 3 points is awarded for adding a new entry on the "most-wanted" list, Special:Wantedpages
  1. People for the American Way
  • Special:Deadendpages: An additional bonus of 1 point is awarded for adding a link to a dead end entry, and thereby removing that entry from that list
  1. Patronage
  2. Death Rate
  • An edit to an existing entry may qualify as a New Entry if the edit is substantial enough.
  • Adding a unique working link within a lecture: 2 points
  1. A Beautiful Mind
  • Adding an additional (non-unique) working links for the same term within the same American Government Lecture: 1 point
  • Adding a relevant photo to Breaking News will receive a 2 points bonus.
  • Adding two new terms to American Government Terms: 1 point
  • Blocking a vandal/sock/troll or reverting their vandalism: 2 points. Cannot be doubled in case of those with blocking abilities.


An entry is "entertainment-related" if it relates to a subject not taught as core curriculum in a typical high school or college. This includes articles on sports, popular music, movies, and other entertaining but not necessarily educational subjects.

  • Exception: Full credit will be given for notable or important historical subjects, and for political entries.
  • Exception: Full credit will be given for reasonable subjects which are educational but not necessarily taught in a typical school.