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Fighting Liberal Bias and the enemies of America

Hello, my name is Eddie Lyle. I am 36 and living in the city of Manteca, California. I am male and white. I have watched to decline of my great nation for far too long at the hands of Liberals and atheists. These people are the very scum that has ruined our fair nation since 1992. It is our duty to protect our nation from these people. Some facts about me:

--Conservative(duh): Socially conservative. Economically 'liberal'.

--Christian, though not very fundamentalist. I like to read Chick Tracts. Solidly creationist, debating old earth concept.

--FOR the death penalty, guns, illegal abortion, and a ban on alcohol, gender roles(a women's place is the home), heterosexuality, gated communities, restriction of anti-American speech and activities, Rush Limbaugh(though, he is not conservative enough for my taste), Jesus(faith, not works), Von Mises(economics, NOT his social ideas), patriots, The United States(greatest nation to ever exist and will ever exist).

--AGAINST socialized medicine(Obongo), Liberals, Atheist, welfare queens and gangster corrupt kids(thugs), all people who claim to be 'peaceful' Muslims, immigrants taking away labor from citizens, Feminists(beaten until they accept their place), Abortionists(deserve to die), homosexuals(corrected through sex with a member of the opposite sex, against their will if necessary), John Maynard Keynes(homosexual perv), Milton Friedman, Libertarians(all Liberals), and drugs, be it caffeine, heroin, or Marjiuana, and Stephen Colbert(he can burn in hell).

Feel free to make any suggestions on my talk page!

Arch enemy of RATionalwikturd. Screw these liberal idiots.


This is a coming soon section on anger and hate I have for liberals and athiests. Tolerance shouldn't be allowed when it compromises the truth.