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Hi there, I've only been on this side a brief time, but I've managed to rile these guys pretty easily, with 'disruptive editing'. That isn't what I'm here for, I only want to point out flaws in unfounded assertions.

I saw this hilarious article saying that evolutionist claims about the age of the dinosaurs is flawed because of a lack of evidence! If that isn't the most easy argument to turn round; there is no irrefutable concrete evidence of God existing and even less that the Bible is his exact words. Personally, I take my chances with the theory that makes logical sense and which can help us better understand and appreciate the world around us. Then maybe I'll take a wild stab at how it got here. That's one reason I signed up for a password!

Also, have you ever wondered, if there was actually a God, 'up there' in heaven, would he not be too consumed with the idea and absorbed in the question of how he came into existence, to ever have created the Earth? If we are constantly philosophizing about our own existence, then a being intelligent enough to create us would surely be even more perplexed about his own existence... Or another equally as perplexing question is, if God created man, then how did God come to be? Did someone - an even bigger God - create Him?