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*[[Stamford Raffles]]  
*[[Stamford Raffles]]  
People I Hate
* [[Barack Obama]]
* [[Robert Mugabe]]
* the [[Kennedy]] Family
* the [[Clinton]] Family
* [[Liberals]] in general
* RW users

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Ian Smyth Scott
UserCross.jpg This user is an Anglican.
OEC This user is an old-Earth creationist.
Bost.jpg This user is a Boston Red Sox fan.

Hello my name is Ian Smyth Scott!

Here's a Little bit about me:

I was born in Rhodesia (NOT SOUTHERN RHODESIA!!!!) in 1966. My family left in 1980 when I was 14 and moved to the good old US of A!

No I am not named after Ian Smith, PM of Rhodesia; I'm named after my grandfather Ian Smyth.

Have been a conservative since I gained the right to vote!

Where I've lived

My Heros

People I Hate


I hope to get to understand this site better, I'm not quite good with computers. I used to use wikipedia, but was referred to conservapedia by a friend at my church. Enjoy conservapedia, but it needs to be cleaned up just a tad, somethings aren't quite right BUT still beter than wiki!