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[Teacher's name removed] just told me that (she thinks ... she's not sure if the email was sent through) the person told you I didn't exist - which frankly, I'm not too surprised at, because I was getting a lot of teasing due to the fact that I told people I edited a wiki - but I'm extremely surprised that you would believe them. After all the time I've spent improving your site - what is it that you think of me? That I've spent ... almost a year so that what? In the future when you make me sysop I can have thirty seconds where I vandalize pages? How can you even think that makes sense? You know what, I gave you my home address, I gave you a recommendation, and I gave you a personal guarantee that I would do no harm - and frankly, this is just your way of telling me that you never intend to give me rights. I mean all these months - I've received harassing emails from RW users - but I always defended you in my head- that you just needed a confirmation that I wouldn't hurt the site - but now I don't know what think. I am deeply hurt over your actions - and not just today but really for the last few months - where you've just toyed with me, trying to convince me to think that you were on my side by saying you would try to "get me on the path" to sysopship - and all you needed was EITHER an address, a reference or a personal guarantee - I gave you both my home address and my word - because I believed you - but then when you demanded the reference I was a little upset, but I still believed you, and now I've gotten you the reference even though I knew it would result in some bullying directed at me (because I had to tell the teacher, and a good amount of the class by proximity, that I edited your site even though the vast majority of the class is liberal) - ONLY to find out that one idiot got on my teachers computer to suggest to you that I don't exist - and you believed him!!! I'm not getting anything else for you - I'm done going so far out of my way to get rights that will only allow me to better YOUR site. You can make me sysop, or you can ask me to leave - pick one, but don't you dare expect me to do more work on your site - especially after all I have done (most notably writing about 60 university articles) - and be OK with you not trusting me at all.

I'm asking you to reply to this email - to give me some reason or to notify me that you will/will not give me rights - however if you don't I can only think that it's because of the same problem that's been there all along - no matter how much I do, no matter how much support I have (including support from sysops) - you just aren't willing to trust me).