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Minor Edit of an existing entry(2)(43)
  1. Waves: Redirected to Wave diff
  2. Wave: Added content from Waves diff
  3. Great Compromise: link diff
  4. Marbury v. Madison: linked and clarified diff
  5. Texas A&M: Redirected to Texas A and M University version as of creation
  6. Clemson: Redirected to Clemson University version as of creation
  7. Communist party: links + format + grammar diff
  8. Caspian Sea: spelling and format diff
  9. Velocity: speed != to velocity diff
  10. Book: added references section diff
  11. Chernobyl:bolded diff
  12. Erlang: bold and link diff
  13. Allergy: clean up diff
  14. Congress: changes References section to "Notes" section since a reference section already existed diff
  15. City Upon a Hill: Redirected to A Model of Christian Charity diff
  16. October Revolution: references and notes separated diff
  17. Quotient topology: change bolding/format diff
  18. 1993 NFL Draft:correction and link diff
  19. FSU: Redirected to Florida State University Version as of creation
  20. Carrie Underwood: section head diff
  21. HTML table formatting: style diff
  22. HTML Table Formatting: redirect to HTML table formatting version as of creation
  23. Service Employees International Union:remove excessive links and format diff
  24. The House at Pooh Corner: clean up diff
  25. Matt Light: format diff
  26. Germ theory of disease: format diff
  27. Piecewise Continuous function: bold diff
  28. HIV: bold diff
  29. Civil: format diff
  30. Cynthia McKinney: format and grammar and links diff
  31. 365 Day Calendar: redirected to Gregorian Calendar diff
  32. Toxin: grammar diff
  33. Rock Flour: format refs diff
  34. Chip Berlet: extra returns diff
  35. Anorexia nervosa: format refs diff
  36. Anorexia nervosa: more formatting and wording diff
  37. Price supports: bold and format diff
  38. Patrocinium: bold diff
  39. Ploidy: extra space diff
  40. Ehud Barak: bold diff
  41. Yuan Shikai: add "=" and sp diff
  42. Chicago Bulls: format + grammar diff
  43. EBay v. MervExchange: format diff


Minor Edit of an Existing Entry + De-Dead End(3)(14)
  1. Foul (football): de-dead end (beyond see also) and grammar diff
  2. Appointments Clause: de-dead end diff
  3. Pan Pipes: format and de-dead end diff
  4. Continuous Inspection: de-dead end diff
  5. Consumer Safety Officer: un dead end diff
  6. E. coli: undead-end diff
  7. Dry Curing undead-end and format diff
  8. Economic Research Service un-dead-end and format diff
  9. Epidemiology: un-dead end and format diff
  10. Egg Products: format and de-dead end diff
  11. Delaney Clause: de-dead end and format diff
  12. Country Ham: de-dead end and format and clarification diff
  13. Republican form of government: de-dead end and format diff
  14. Double (baseball): correct and format - we're not a dictionary. diff



Quality edit of an existing entry(4)(5)
  1. Book: added a ref and more sentences diff
  2. Book: added a table with a bunch of refs diff
  3. Gatorade: format and refs diff
  4. John Grenier: This was a lot of formating diff
  5. Template:Debate: Changed color and standardized diff


Quality edit of an existing entry + De-Dead End(5)()

New Entry


Short New Entry(4)(1)
  1. Template:Template version as of creation +2


Short New Entry + Most Wanted(7)(1)
  1. Fiction: most wanted version as of creation +1



Ordinary Entry(6)(1)
Ordinary New Entertainment-related Entry(3)(1)
  1. Full Ginsburg version as of creation +3



Quality New Entry(10)(2)
  1. Gang - new entry version as of creation
  2. A Model of Christian Charity - new page version as of creation


Quality New Entertainment-related Entry + Most Wanted(8)(1)
  1. 1993 NFL Draft: new page version as of creation+1


American Government Terms(.5)()



  1. Homosexuality and Promiscuity diff
  2. User:JKDda3gl block log
  3. User:2Points block log
  4. User:KyleW block log
  5. Human Immunodeficiency Virus diff
  6. User:Breadan43 block log (I couldn't decide for a bit)
  7. User:Beatrice block log
  8. A Model of Christian Charity diff
  9. St. Olaf College diff
  10. Ukrainian language diff
  11. Pugachev's Rebellion diff
  12. Macroeconomics Terms diff
  13. Solar System diff
  14. Age of Exploration Y diff
  15. Zero diff
  16. Family law diff
  17. Rock and roll diff
  18. Cultural relativism diff
  19. Environmental engineering diff
  20. Baritone Saxophone diff
  21. A Nation Adrift diff
  22. Suspension of belief diff
  23. Fast Track Authority diff
  24. Archaeologist diff
  25. Designated hitter diff
  26. CBS News diff
  27. Purposivism diff
  28. Poet diff
  29. Impanation diff
  30. Federalist Party diff
  31. Collinwood School fire diff
  32. Amendment diff
  33. Television (band) diff
  34. Hamdi v. Rumsfeld diff
  35. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) diff
  36. St. Stephen, New Brunswick diff
  37. User:Drolkrad block log
  38. User:FONeil block log
  39. User:Helpinghand block log
  40. Texas diff




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