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Conservapedia is an online wiki-based general-purpose encyclopedia launched on November 21, 2006 written from a conservative point of view created by teacher and attorney Andrew Schlafly, with the help of some of his home-schooled students. The encyclopedia was created to counter what Schlafly considered to be anti-conservative and anti-Christian bias in Wikipedia. As of 2013, Conservapedia has been ranked the 88th most popular website written from a conservative point of view, according to Alexa rankings. [1]


Conservapedia was created by Andrew Schlafly, a law attorney and homeschool teacher who graduated from Harvard. [2] Schlafly created the encyclopedia after some of his students used the Common Era system rather than the Christian Anno Domini system in history projects because they researched using Wikipedia, an example of liberal bias present on Wikipedia. Students using Conservapedia were encouraged to write short articles on Ancient History, which later were expanded into what Schlafly saw as fair and scholarly articles written from a conservative point of view. [3]