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I'm a sculptor who by a strange twist of fate consisting of proving mathematically in February 1985 that the universe is not expanding, got involved in math and physics of gravitation. The above implies that the Big Bang has never happened and the universe is eternal (as assumed before me by astronomer Carl Sagan). I'm presently doing my PhD work in it at the Institute of Physics of University of Warsaw, Poland, which prevents me from persuing my other interests as the mentioned sculpting and making electronic gadgets, which is my other profession (electronic engineering in which I have MS degree from Warsaw Politechnic). Still my another profession is software engineering in which I had been working for about 30 years, mostly in Denmark and the US, creating real time software, for CNC operating systems for controlling milling machines and before that for street traffic control systems for cities: Poenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, and Colorado Springs, CO. My most difficult project designed singlehandely was hardware and software for an IBM PC based machine reading "on the fly", and comparing it with expected, numbers of lottery tickets printed at speed 120"/s on over 40" wide paper sheets for some lottery in Providence, RI. The most interesting project designed singlehandely was one of the first worldwide, alphanumerical displays, which likes of, are now used with every computer but then were considered good for nothing since "what good for is a computer without printed output?" as was standard complaint of prospective investors in the project after they had seen a model of it working with the Warsaw University computer.

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