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Welcome to my user page.

My intentions at Conservapedia

I love sports, and most of my initial edits are going to reflect this passion of mine. I feel that many of the sports-related articles here are woefully outdated and structured in a way that requires constant updating. I intend to improve them by removing things such as team rosters, which change constantly, and add more things that an average Conservapedia user might find useful (history, basic facts, etc.).

I'm somewhat of a novice wiki-editor, so in the interest of not screwing anything up I will try to hone my editing skills by copying articles to a user subpage (sandbox), then I will transfer my changes to the actual page. Hopefully as I gain more confidence, and I will be able to contribute more directly.

Over time, once I have established myself as a useful contributor, I intend to focus my efforts on articles about colleges and universities. Since Conservapedia is intended to be an educational resource, I think these articles could be of great importance to high school students, and I want them to be comprehensive and helpful.


In the interest of full disclosure, I feel that I must admit that I tried to contribute a couple of years ago, under the name GeneM. I was trying to make the university articles more uniform, but apparently I made a mistake, and was quickly blocked for five years for "Deliberate insertion of false information; lying." I can and will assure everyone here that I never deliberately inserted any false information, and I am no liar. Water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned; I've learned my lesson and I promise to be more careful this time.

Any advice, feedback, and/or collaboration is welcome and would be appreciated.

Happy editing!


By the way, Juno is the name of one of my dogs. JunoD(og). I wanted to keep with the convention here of "first name, last initial," but I'm somewhat reluctant to use my real name on the internet. I hope this is OK.