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Final message of One For Logic, aka One Against Repression, to the editors and admins of Conservapedia

After observing how dissent is treated on Conservapedia, I was curious as to how long it would take before I became a target of its admins. Not long, apparently.

I repeat here that I am neither liberal nor conservative, neither atheist nor Christian. No extreme position is ever correct. All of these groups handle debate and dissent poorly, as my primary account’s current blocked status helps demonstrate. I had hoped that Conservapedia might provide me with some insight into why the most extreme of American liberals and conservatives hate each other so much, and why they both stand by beliefs that often defy logic, reason, and evidence. In a way, I still learned from my experience here, just not in a way I’d expected. I wish any and all honest, open-minded editors here the best of luck, success, and wisdom. I hope you will all continue to discuss and debate the many challenges facing the United States and the world, openly and fairly.

Suppressing dissent accomplishes nothing.


One For Logic, One Against Repression